Summer Season is almost in full swing as we give you all PART 3 of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA April month Swimwear edition with Surietha Scorgie and ModelConnectRSA (Eduard Labuschagne)


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Swimwear Season almost in full swing as we get into the spirit of things for all things SUMMER with HOMEGROWN beauty MOLLBABE model SURIETHA SCORGIE alongside Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from MODELCONNECTRSA.

Let’s get ready for that #SummerFeelin pool parties and as we are spreading the suntan lotions and Swimwear beauty today!!

Our Homegrown MOLLBABE model beauty Surietha surly shines and sparkles when she gets a chance to dip her toes into that swimming pool, and don’t forget that sublime looks she gives the camera lens when Swimwear Season is near.

Recently asked Surietha what it is that makes her so happy and shining when she’s draped in her amazing swimwear outfits and she says as we quote:

“Let us live like flowers, Wild and beautiful and drenched in sun, Let’s take a moment and enjoy the Sunshine with a sip of happiness!”

Join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interviews Surietha and Photographer Eduard in today’s MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION FEATURE FOR APRIL 2021


Welcome back yet again for another MOLLBABE feature Surietha & Eduard, how does it feel to be back for our APRIL SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION 2021 feature? 

MODEL Surietha  – Always a absolute treat and true blessing to feature with my MOLLMAGSA FAM love it to bits always!! thank you so much for everyone’s support

ModelConnectRSA (Eduard Labuschagne) – Blessed beyond words to work with Surietha and MOLLMAGSA as always thank you everyone!!

Surietha SUMMER IS NEAR and what is it about SUMMER AND SWIMWEAR that makes you so happy?

The fact that I can finally get those beautiful swimwear outfits out the closet and work on my tan enjoying myself poolside with friends and family….

“Let us live like flowers, Wild and beautiful and drenched in sun, Let’s take a moment and enjoy the Sunshine with a sip of happiness all summer long!!”

Eduard to you what makes Surtieha such a gems in front of that camera lens?

Well there is so much to say where shall I start… She’s an absolute joy to work with “TRUE PROFESSIONAL” in every word and action she does!!

“Very determent and focus driven for every photo shoot and project she puts her mind to and the camera loves her smile for sure!!”

Surietha what are the 5 things you say to yourself in front of the mirror before the big day of a photo shoot please share with us?

The following, I believe in that its all about…

  • You are VALUABLE
  • You are ENOUGH
  • You have a VOICE
  • You are SEEN
  • You are CAPABLE


FAVORITE SEASON YOU ENJOY THE MOST? – It’s must be Summer for sure can’t wait to get my tan on poolside!!

QOUTE OF THE DAY SURIETHA? – “SUCCESS is not FINAL, FAILURE is not FATAL, It is the COURAGE to continue that counts!!”

IF YOU COULD BE ANY FLOWER WHAT WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? – I want to be like a Sunflower. So that even on the darkest days I will stand tall & find the sunlight to shine bright!