Summer Sensation Summer Vibes in the air as we introduce to you all our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA Swimwear Special Edition for September 2021 cover model international beauty Luzmery Rodriguez alongside international  Photographer Chalo Garcia, all the way from Costa Rica!


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Summer Vibes in SEPTEMBER 2021 as we bring that OCEAN BREEZE BEAUTY imported from the shores of beautiful COSTA RICA. Yes ladies and gents we introduce to you all our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION COVERMODEL for the month of SEPTEMBER, 

aka LUZMERY RODRIGUEZ alongside international Photographer CHALO GARCIA from PHOTOS BY CHALO. Luzmery is a true beauty within and with her beauty she makes heads turn and take notice that’s a fact.

When it comes to modeling Luzmery is true to the word professional in the modeling world, she recently featured as the new face model in 2021 for international modeling agency aka INTERMODELO, she also participated in different beauty and fashion workshops with national fashion designers and international photographers.

When recently asked what is her words of inspiration to the modeling talent out there in the world Luzmery says and we quote her:

“There is Beauty in Simplicity, as your Imperfections make You UNIQUE!”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews newest international MOLLBABE model Luzmery Rodriguez alongside Photographer Chalo Garcia, “OCEAN BREEZE OF BEAUTY – Swimwear Editorial.”


Very warm welcome Luzmery & Chalo, congrats on your cover model feature for MOLLMAGSA SEPTEMBER 2021 (SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION) how does it feel?

MODEL LUZMERY RODRIGUEZ – I am very excited and grateful for this new publication from SOUTH AFRICA through such a distinguished magazine MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. Thank you very much and kisses from Costa Rica! – “Muchas Gracias y besos desde Costa Rica!”

PHOTOGRAPHER CHALO – Thank you so much Arne for this opportunity to once again feature with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, so grateful and humble. – “Muchas Gracias”

Luzmery its time to introduce YOURSELF to the fans / followers and readers, please give us a small intro about you?

My name is Luzmery Rodriguez, born and raised in Costa Rica. I am a commercial and editorial model represented internationally by INTERMODELO. Brand ambassador and featured new face model 2021 of the INTERMODELO Modeling agency.

I have participated in different beauty and fashion workshops with national fashion designers. I also featured for the editorial Novias Costa Rica where brands such as Zurabella and designer Lucia Echeverria participated in, which I am very proud of. When it comes to modeling I believe in the following words,

“There is Beauty in Simplicity, as your Imperfections make You UNIQUE! , BE REAL BE YOU”

Luzmery what is it about that’s so unique and wonderful as a model working with Photographer Chalo Garcia on this photo shoot today?

“Love working with Chalo he photographs amazing photos of me I am so humbled on how beautiful he makes me look in every photo I will surly work with him more on more projects in the future… so excited!!”

Where would you be most relaxed in being yourself and just having fun Luzmery aka #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun?

Well being from COSTA RICA it will always be somewhere secluded on the beach with amazing designer fashion swimwear….“Me and My Swimwear on the beach that is true paradise to me!!”



HOBBIES? – Traveling the world and enjoying to meet and work with models and photographers

GENRES OF MODELING YOU ENJOY TO DO? – Commercial and editorial, Beauty Glamour and Fashion and Swimwear.

A LESSON YOU LEARNED IN LIFE QOUTE WISE  THAT HOLDS TRUE TO WHOM YOU ARE LUZMERY? – “Be Real Be You” , Only with the heart you can see it well as the essentials are invisible to the eye, Be Real Be You speak with your heart and the world will listen.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT? – Anywhere along the beach…. I feel free I feel beauty I feel so me in COSTA RICA home sweet home!!

FAVORITE FOOD SNACK? – Definitely Tacos / Taquitos, all day every day