Introducing our newest beauty making her debut for the month of SEPTEMBER 2021 as we bring that beachwear swimwear vibe, with the all so beautiful and all so talented and all so goal driven aka NEENA MACAIRE BEZUIDENHOUT alongside Photographer HEIN BEUKES for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION.


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Photography by Hein Beukes & Epic Skeye on instagram at @hein_beukes

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Makeup and Hairstyling by @eunoiabeautyhairimagestyle also on website


It’s everything BEACHWEAR AND SWIMWEAR VIBE today as we introduce our newest MOLLBABE MODEL making her debut for the month of SEPTEMBER 2021 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA the all so talented all so beautiful and all so goal driven in her profound success story of life thus far aka NEENA MACAIRE BEZUIDENHOUT.

All the way from the shores of Kwa-Zulu Natal (SOUTH AFRICA) this home grown beauty has it all in her life story. Neena is a  SUCCESFUL BUSINESS WOMAN / BUSINESS OWNER and also well known professional model and makeup artist, Hair stylist Image Consultant & Motivational Speaker

She also has a few hidden talents believe it or not she plays the VIOLIN and compose MUSIC by ear FUN FACT back in her days she also was in the CHOIR so this beauty also has an angels voice when it comes to SINGING as well.

Furthermore in Neena’s illustrious modeling / pageant career of 22years she’s achieved so much, because in 2018 & 2020  SHE was chosen as… ▪︎1st Edition Jewel of the World 2018 and ▪︎Miss Asia Pacific International South Africa 2020.

When asked what TRUE BEAUTY means to her Neena says the following and we quote: “Beauty is beyond the surface and true beauty is reflected from the inside out. I believe that the greatest jewel of all should be your heart.” 

“By being a beauty with a pure heart and helping hand that is committed to all organizations and use her time to uplift, empower and give back to all beings in need.”

Let’s find out more what makes Neena sparkle and so much more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with NEENA MACAIRE BEZUIDENHOUT today.



Warm welcome to you Neena, how does it feel knowing you are part of our SEPTEMBER 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA this month, explain your feelings you have when you got the news from our CEO? 

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to be featured in MOLLMAGSA. It truly is an honor and very exciting! Thank you in advance and always grateful. May God Bless you always! 

Neena it’s time to please introduce yourself to our readers, fans and followers and give us a glimpse into whom you are and where you reside from and what it is that makes you so unique beauty in a small 4 sentence bio? 

I am a strong, courageous, outdoorsy, hardworking and goal orientated woman who seeks for beauty in every living being. I always strive to overcome all obstacles, use negative energy, and change it into positive energy to be my driving force to succeed in all parts of my life.  

I am an aspiring philanthropist and humanitarian as I always believe a woman should be serving their purpose:

“By being a beauty with a pure heart and helping hand that is committed to all organizations and use her time to uplift, empower and give back to all beings in need.”

“Beauty is beyond the surface and true beauty is reflected from the inside out. I believe that the greatest jewel of all should be your heart.” I reside in the warm and beautiful province of Kwa-Zulu Natal.  

More about my profession: I am a businesswoman and founder & owner of two of my own businesses  

Eunoia Beauty, Hair, Image and Style Expert and Splendure International Modelling Academy  Please feel free to visit my websites to read and view more… 

Where and how would you say did your love for modeling all start, take us on that amazing journey in a small nutshell please? 

I am officially in the modelling and pageant industry for about 22 years and counting. My Grandmother and Mother was the inspiration to the start of my pageantry and modelling career.  

I started at the tender age of 3 months old, competing in my first competition, Miss Jelly Tot 1997, where my mom and Grandmother saw my potential and entered me into my first competition and then I officially started modelling at two years old. Ever since then history was made and is continuing to be made

In today’s SPRING SEASON SWIMWEAR SPECIAL feature with you Neena, the focus of this photo shoot is all about that amazing Swimwear Styling, tell us what is it about this photo shoot that you will remember the most and why? 

I love being outdoors and the beach is one of my favorite places to be.

“Nothing beats a beautiful day at the beach with warm sand between your toes, sea breeze blowing through your hair, Sun kissed skin and tan lines.”

The shoot was all about the environment and being natural – the swimwear is a crotchet handmade Kinii bikini which I am a proud ambassador for as I strongly support everything and anything that has to do with helping raise awareness for the environment and every living being.  

The high-quality crotchet bikinis are handmade designed to be economically sustainable to mother earth, proudly SA, and supporting the local market owners.  

The HQ crochet bikinis are made from 100% bamboo, extremely luxurious, containing anti-bacterial and UV protection properties. Plus, BONUS! All styling of the shoot was done by yours truly as I am a professional stylist myself. 

In your Opinion what would you say is the most fashionable swimwear trend for this SPRING SEASON & SUMMER SEASON in SOUTH AFRICA? 

I would say as a PRO stylist and image consultant it is always important to be up to date with all latest styles and trends locally, nationally, and internationally.  

South African styles most popular trend would be resort wear with a lot of bold prints and pops of color. I see there are a lot of Brazilian cut bottoms and push up bikinis, monokinis, one pieces with fashion cuts and high waist cuts are in trend with animal prints, the more fluorescent the better and soft-to-touch comforting fabrics.

September month is here what would be on your to do list that you really want to do or achieve as a woman and model this month, please share with us? 

I am always goal orientated, a goal digger and visionary to dream big but, plan big to push myself in the deep end to accomplish, achieve and succeed in all my goals.

“I would love to expand and grow my businesses nationwide, be signed up by various modelling agencies and work/collab with well-known brands.”


FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX AFTER A HECTIC DAY AT WORK? – The perfect and ideal way to relax for me would be to take a nice warm shower or a relaxing bubble bath with my favorite relaxing essential oil drops from Kairos Originals, getting cuddled up in ‘those pants’/ loose lounge wear but, comfort is key always!  

Then of course making a lovely balanced home cooked meal or getting my favorite take out (Nandos Boujee Bowl or Fishaways or Thai Phad Thai)  and putting my phone where it is unreachable, chilling on the couch with some snacks, cappuccino, with my beautiful handsome furr baby cuddled up in my arms and watching crime channel ON DSTV or a movie. 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU RECENTLY WHATCHED FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER? – I must be honest with a busy schedule I don’t really get a lot of time to watch television or binge watch series (although it would be amazing!)  

but, a few of my favorites to watch when I do have time would be Insatiable, Reign, Narcos, Sirens are highly recommended series for me on Netflix. Recent movies I have watched is I Still Believe, Bad Hair and some golden oldies as well from 90s-00s I know what you did last Summer. 

HOBBIES YOU LOVE DOING AND ENJOY OTHER THAN MODELING? – I love to be outdoors – go hiking, long walks in nature or on the beach. You would also find me baking and cooking as I am a foodie. I am always involved with charitable organizations and attend various charity events.  

I am ALSO a huge fan of journaling and writing words of wisdom which I find therapeutic. When I get the chance, I love to travel and visit new places. 

SHARE WITH US YOUR NICKNAME WHAT WOULD YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES CALL YOU BY? – I must say I have quite a few nicknames. To name a few nicknames: Neens, Blondie, Neena the pretty Ballerina, and there are others as well. 

 FAVORITE FOOD SNACK OR FOOD DISH YOU MAKE TO ENJOY? – I love to eat balanced home cooked meals – chicken roast, baked potatoes, with vegetables and an occasional pasta does the trick. My favorite snack would be a nice smoothie and home baked bran muffins. I am a foodie and I do enjoy eating anything that looks and tastes good. 

EVERYONE OF US HAS A HIDDEN TALENT, WHAT’S YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? – One of many hidden talents is that I can play the violin and compose music by ear. Fun fact: I used to be in the choir which will give you a hint into my other hidden talent. 

FAVORITE DREAM VACATION IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE WILL THAT BE WITH YOU? – I would love to go to Bali, Maldives, Bora Bora, and any tropical place where I can be bare faced, have my hair down, get tan lines, be soaking up some sun with a beautiful view in paradise, make loads of fun memories and create cherished moments. 

WHEN IT COMES TO ONE’S PARENTS WHAT IS THE MOST VALUBALE LIFE LESSON YOUR PARENTS HAVE TAUGHT YOU OVER THE YEARS PLEASE SHARE WITH US NEENA? – To always be the hardest worker I will ever meet and to work hard for everything I want as nothing is ever handed to anyone and there will be more value added into something when you have earned it all own your own.  

Remain humble and rooted to my beginnings, always persevere regardless of the curve balls life may throw at you and to always continue to rise through all situations/circumstances.  

Be thankful, grateful and count all my blessings every day and to help bless others that need blessings in their life. Most importantly to be myself and true to who I am, what I believe in and not change myself to be accepted into society but, to remain truthful to myself and others. 

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BY EACH DAY? – I believe that everything should come from a genuine place and from the heart. This is a quote that really speaks volumes and has helped me through the daily challenges of the ever changing we live in today. 

The quote that I currently live by: 

“I am confident. I am confident in myself.  I am confident in my dreams. I am confident in my ideas. I am influential in all that I do – my voice is being heard and valued. My ideas are contributing something beautiful to this world.  My dreams are actualizing and taking shape. I am a magic maker. I am a natural born winner. I am destined for greatness.”