September month equals SPRING SEASON that means we all are getting ready to enjoy the beach and our tans and swimwear looks , because for our SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION this September month we keep in Homegrown and Local with MOLLBABE model Charlene van Zyl and JCT PHOTOGRAPHY.


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Photography by Johann Taljaard from JCT Photography on

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Beach side SWAGGER time as we on our way to the beach to catch that perfect wave swell and some sun tan. We getting our #SummerSensations on with MOLLMAGSA Homegrown South African beauty Charlene van Zyl as we dip our toes in the ocean today and talk all things #SWIMWEAR and #SUMMERVIBES.

Yes ladies and gents, she’s back as Charlene shows her SWIMWEAR SUMMER SIDE today getting her BEACH SIDE SWAGGER ON,

let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Charlene and Johann Taljaard from JCT PHOTOGRAPHY today. – “BEACH SIDE SWAGGER SWIMWEAR EDITORIAL SEPTEMBER 2021”

Welcome back Charlene and Johann, congrats on this month’s SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION FEATURE for SEPTEMBER 2021, how does it feel? 

MODEL CHARLENE – Amazing to be picked by you as being part of the MOLLMAGSA family, I am so honored and happy thank you Arne. 

JCT PHOTOGRAPHY – It is always an honor to be featured with MOLLMAGSA, thank you so much!

Today’s feature is all about swimwear aka “BEACH SIDE SWAGGER” in your own explanation what does this term mean? 

CHARLENE AS A MODEL – Mixing up swimwear and colors and looking amazing in swimwear. 

(JOHANN FROM JCT PHOTOGRAPHY) AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – Accessorizing your swimwear and strutting your stuff to the point that the beach becomes your catwalk!

Charlene what would you say is your favorite swimwear line aka swimwear brand you love the most and why? 

CottonOn at , because…

“They just make bikinis different, it’s new and fashionable.”

Charlene share with us… what will we find in your backpack when you’re on vacation at the beach please list your 4 most important items YOU CAN’T GO WITHOUT? 

  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Snacks 
  • Beach towel 

If you can choose for a summer holiday destination where will that be for you Charlene and why? 

“I’d love to go to America (USA) it’s beautiful and I’ve never been there so it’s a life goal of mine.”

September month is here, what’s your plans and on your to do list for the MONTH OF SEPTEMBER? 

CHARLENE AS A MODEL – To start making better decisions and focus on what’s good for me, so my modelling can grow more and more… and that I can grow as a woman. 

(JOHANN FROM JCT PHOTOGRAPHY) AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – Spring is here the sun us out, Beach here I come!