Bringing the Beauty Queen of Nature today to you all, as the majestic Marketa Galuszkova returns for this month’s October 2021 MOLLBABE MOLLMAGSA feature!


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Photography by @lenka_marcova and on website

also by Petr Sebesta


Today we stroll through the BEAUTY OF NATURE as we embrace the essence of Nature and a True Beauty Queen making her statement heard as MOLLBABE MODEL for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka Marketa Galuszkova is back, showcasing her love for NATURE and the BEAUTY it brings!

Together with international photographer’s aka Lenka Markova & Petr Sebesta getting the right outdoors nature location with the MAJESTIC BEAUTY of mollbabe model Marketa Galuszkova this truly combines to bring that “BEAUTY QUEEN OF NATURE” effect to life today.

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Marketa today – “BEAUTY QUEEN OF NATURE EDITORIAL”

Welcome Back Marketa how does it feel be back for the month of OCTOBER 2021 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA?

Truly happy and humbled to feature again for this amazing magazine MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, always so happy to see my pictures published in this publication.

“Also a BIG THANK YOU to photographer’s Lenka & Petr for the beautiful photos taken and for Arne making this submissions happen for this month!”

Tell us what is it that made these photo shoots for this month’s OCTOBER 2021 FEATURE so special for you Marketa?

“I love being in nature… being in nature just makes me feel FREE to express TRUE BEAUTY, and just knowing what a GIFT it truly is, living on earth is, and we should be thankful for every day we are all given to live life to the fullest of our abilities.”

Favorite fashion statement you want to portray to the world and people out there Marketa?

I feel most comfortable and confident and beautiful in this amazing leopard print dress as well as my beautiful lingerie its totally me aka #BEAUTYQUEENOFNATURE


FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION TO VISIT ONE DAY – Love to visit SOUTH AFRICA to see the beautiful wildlife animals!!

HIDDEN TALENTS – Singing, Dancing and I’m also an actress

MOST PROUDEST MOMENT OF YOUR MODELING CAREER – Posing for Playboy Slovakia and being JULY 2018 playboy playmate for Playboy Slovakia

WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN A WOMEN EMBRACE HER TRUE BEAUTY FOR YOU MARKETA? – It means that when a woman truly loves her soulmate unconditionally she radiates the TRUE BEAUTY of her happy soul for the world to see!