Today’s lingerie boudoir feature focus on the Beauty and Grace of “THE BALLERINA IN ME” with MOLLMAGSA international model mollbabe Rachel Ashley Johnson alongside Specular Photography for our October 2021 MOLLMAGSA feature


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That Ballerina In Me is our focus for today as our Blond Bombshell Beauty from LA in the USA, aka Rachel Ashley Johnson shares with us her journey as a Ballerina back in her younger year days as she graced the musical dance stage.

With the elegance and beauty and grace combined with her musical dance skills as a Ballerina, MOLLBABE Rachel Ashley Johnson together with Specular Photography brings that vision to life today dressed in Ballerina tip toe pointe shoes and decedent lingerie.

As we recently asked her what is her biggest and proudest achievement back in the day of her BALLET career, and Ashley replied with the following and we quote her:

“I danced the Great Russian Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet Company when I was 12years old back in my school days. I enjoyed being on pointe!”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Rachel Ashley Johnson for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA OCTOBER 2021 feature – “The Ballerina in Me – Editorial”

Welcome back Rachel Ashley Johnson, congrats once again for a phenomenal feature with us for our MOLLMAGSA OCTOBER 2021 month feature how do you feel to be back and being part of this month’s edition? 

I’m absolutely thrilled! Very happy to be featured once again! It’s an absolute pleasure!  

Today’s feature focuses on that “BALLERINA” background of yours, tell us what is those special moments / achievements of your Ballerina career back then please list them below, and what moments stood out for you the most that you will remember for a lifetime? 

I danced ballet for ten years as a child. I danced the Great Russian Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet Company when I was 12. I enjoyed being on pointe. It was absolutely incredible!

Working with Photographer Ken Rogers from SPECULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, tell us Rachel Ashley how would you describe his work in a nutshell? 

“Specular Photography is truly talented, professional, sophisticated, and prestigious.”

By far one of the best photographers, I’ve worked with. We have published several covers and features together over the last few months.

Rachel Ashley, in your illustrious modeling career as a model what would you say is the biggest lesson learn so far for you over the years and also, what advice would you give upcoming models which look up to you and want to follow in your footsteps? 

“The most significant lesson I learned with modeling is just being myself in front of the camera and just transforming my dreams and ambitions into reality.”

The advice I would give to upcoming models would be to shoot as much as possible and to network as much as possible. 

Let’s talk skincare and how do you care for your skin, knowing the seasonal weather months each year takes its toll on all of us… share with us your BEAUTY SECRET on how you prepare and keep your skin healthy and glowing Rachel Ashley? 

I have a membership at Skin Camp in Los Angeles and I receive facials every two weeks. I keep my skin glowing and radiant.


AS IT’S OCOTOBER MONTH WHAT’S ON YOUR TO DO LIST / BUCKET LIST FOR THIS MONTH? – During October I will be attending red carpet events, movie premieres, photoshoots, and attending celebrity Halloween events.  

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU RECENTLY WATCHED FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER? – I attended the premiere of the new James Bond Movie No time to Die at the Graumans Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Furthermore, I attended the premiere of Dune also at the Graumans Chinese Theater in Hollywood. 

IT’S ALSO HALOWEEN SEASON, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE DRESS UP HALLOWEEN COSTUME THIS YEAR? – I attended a Playboy Red carpet Event over the weekend and I dressed as a Playboy Bunny. Next weekend I’ll be dressed as Wonder Woman and Marie Antoinette. 

MOST VALUBLE THING IN LIFE FOR YOU AS A WOMAN, AT THIS VERY MOMENT IS? – The most valuable thing in life for myself as a woman at this moment is embracing my inner power and manifesting my dreams and ambitions into reality. 

IF YOU COULD WISH FOR SOMETHING AND HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? – My wish is to be a multi-millionaire and successful business woman. Something I would change is to live life more freely and be more positive. 

INSPIRATION QOUTE OF THE DAY PLEASE SHARE? – If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride, and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. – By Bear Bryant