Bringing that Trench Coat fashion today with a street style twist for the month of OCTOBER 2021 with the all so beautiful bubbly and vibrant aka MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model, singer and actress aka Bianca Russell alongside Clean Media Photography from SOUTH AFRICA.


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Trench Coat vibes as we bring some homegrown STREET STYLE FASHION today with all things TRENCH COATS, as the all so beautiful with a true bubbly personality and vibrant unique style and look to her aka BIANCA RUSSELL is back by popular demand ladies and gents.

A true fashionista in the making… making everything she wears a sparkling true joy and unique  every time Bianca makes her presents felt in front of the camera lens that’s for sure!

“It’s all about that TRENCH COAT look today and staying true to the own and UNIQUELY you making that unique and own style WORK FOR YOU!”

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interviews MOLLBABE model Bianca Russell as the talk is all things TRENCH COATY in today’s MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA OCTOBER 2021 feature

– “Trench Coat Couture Street Fashion Editorial”

Welcome Back Bianca how does it feel to feature for our OCTOBER 2021 MONTH EDITION for MOLLMAGSA?

Always a true joy to be amongst such amazing and beautiful talent and getting the chance once again to feature with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA is truly a phenomenal and a blessed feeling always….

“Feeling right at home, with my MOLLMAGSA FAMILY.”

In today’s feature and photo shoot its all about that TRENCH COAT LOOK, what is it that made this shoot so special for you Bianca, share with us?

Well I wanted to bring that TRENCH COAT COUTURE out in the limelight today but with my own unique look and STREET STYLE twist to it, as I wanted to portray the message of…

“Staying true to the own and UNIQUELY you making that unique and own style WORK FOR YOU!”

Which time of day would you say is your favorite and why?

“For me its always and always will be the SUNSET time, because just see how happy it makes my soul as I live for those moments of happiness!” 


FAVORITE FASHION STATEMENT – Colorful flowing summer dresses any day!!

YOUR FASHION ICONS? – Keeping it classic, I love the vibes and timeless fashionista style of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn truly Iconic to me!!

MOST VALUBLE THING IN LIFE FOR YOU AS A WOMAN AND A SOUTH AFRICAN, AT THIS VERY MOMENT IS? – Be proud of who you are don’t hold back the world is your oyster to embrace and discover, time to stand up for your morals and, “BE YOU BE UNIQUE BE BOLD BE SMART AND BE BRAVE IN THE CHOICES YOU MAKE IN LIFE!”

WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU SMILE AND HAPPY FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER? – To be out of Covid-Lockdown and to be able to perform alongside some amazing music artists, like myself…. I’ve truly missed the music scene a lot!!

INSPERATIONAL QOUTE OF THE DAY – “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” – AUDREY HEPBURN