It’s that Fitness and Boudoir Factor Today as we introduce newest homegrown beauty aka Zareen Magee alongside local South African photographer Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY for the month of November 2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.


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Today’s vocal point is all about FITNESS & BEAUTY bringing it together with another debut from a homegrown inspiration for young and old, please meet newest MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE fitness model aka Zareen Magee alongside photographer Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY and also our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder, 

As the 3 of them made some creative visions come to life in this month’s NOVEMBER 2021 MOLLMAGSA feature today, as it’s all about THE 3 D’S IN LIFE when it comes to fitness and we quote model Zareen as she says the following:

When it comes to fitness motivation, You can’t just rely on motivation as it won’t always be there. It’s all about the D’s in life, dedication, devotion and discipline.” 

Zareen is all the way from Krugersdorp, West Rand, GAUTENG SOUTH AFRICA, when it comes to inspiring people around her Zareen is a true trooper when it comes to being really positive and showing and glowing that positive energy in life.

she says:  “My positivity in life and finding a positive thought in every negative one IS MAKING LIFE WORTH WHILE. My smile is something my friends, family, loved ones and even strangers remember and emphasize about.”  

Furthermore when it’s time to relax and unwind after exercise and those hectic fitness routines in the gym and also competing in BODY BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS and COMPS, you will find Zareen dancing the night away as she’s in love with 80’s Music and Dancing,

also not forgetting, Zareen is working hard to become a successful advocate one day when it comes to CAREER asperations!! Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Zareen and Graham in today’s editorial feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for NOVEMBER 2021 


Welcome Zareen and Graham, how does it feel to work together on this project and being amongst our chosen features for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2021 edition, how do you both feel? 

ZAREEN MODEL – When Graham approached me for this project, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I feel excited and blessed to be a part of this project. As then Graham introduced me to Arne which I am truly thankful for as it’s an honor to be chosen as one of the features for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2021 edition. 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – I’m excited about the issue & to grace the pages of MOLLMAGSA once again. It was great to work with Zareen, being part in capturing her in a way she feels most comfortable in  Fitness & Beauty”. 

Tell us a bit more about yourself in a small detail 4 sentence bio-Zareen, where do you reside from and where did the passion for modeling & fitness all start? 

I reside in Krugersdorp the WESTRAND of GAUTENG, and was born and raised in Roodepoort GUATENG. My passion for fitness all started from wanting to lose weight and be healthier and once I started seeing more results, I was amazed what I could achieve with the right dedication and perseverance.  

“After my fitness lifestyle took off, I was approached for a photoshoot collaboration and since the first moment in front of the camera I loved how my confidence and selflove grew.”

In today’s feature with you both the vocal point is all about “FITNESS & BOUDOIR” tell us how did this vision and theme for the photo shoot come together and what is that ONE BTS MOMENT of the PHOTOSHOOT that stands out the most for you? 

ZAREEN FROM A FITNESS MODEL VIEW – When Graham approached me on IG, he explained that he would like to do a fitness shoot and since I mostly do Boudoir shoots, I was excited for something else. I recently competed in bodybuilding competitions and took this opportunity to also showcase my hard work.  

We decided to incorporate the best of both worlds which would be Fitness & Boudoir, THEN PITCHED THE IDEA TO ARNE and the rest as they say is history wink wink!!!  

“One BTS moment was seeing how passionate Graham is about photography and wanting to create the best outcome!”

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY AS A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – The idea stemmed from wanting to create a raw fitness shoot, as I was looking for a model, I came across Zareen’s profile on IG, saw that her style & look very much compliments my shooting in way of themes, I approached her, excited that she said yes.  

As then I approached Arne with the IDEA THEME and MODEL in mind, then it was all systems go!!! We talked about fitness & boudoir, how to do both & planned it out between the 3 of us. Worked beautifully! 

When it comes to fitness it’s a way of healthy living lifestyles, Zareen… tell us what’s your go to fitness routine to get you going for the new day, please share with us? 

I would say the most important part of having a healthy living lifestyle is preparation! Prepare your meals and workouts in advance, be ready for the day in advance. I also use the guidance of a coach to assist with my workouts and meal plans. Lastly, I remind myself of the opportunities I have and for who I am doing it for. 

What is it about your body and image you are most proud of Zareen being a fitness model? 

I believe a lot of women grow up believing that they should look and be a certain way and for a long time I believed the same. But fitness and modeling has helped me grow in so many aspects of my life! I am beyond proud of what I have been able to achieve and pushing past my boundaries and comfort zones.  

Through this journey I have learned that everyone is flawed and its sometimes what makes us unique. 

“I am beyond proud of knowing that I can inspire people out there, give advice and share my experience and just being me.”

Zareen, how would you describe yourself to your friends, family and loved ones what is it that makes you stand out from the crowd and what is it that makes you unique to the life we all live in today? 

I would say beyond a doubt my positivity in life and finding a positive thought in every negative one. My smile is something my friends, family, loved ones and even strangers remember and emphasize about.  

“I am unique by staying humble in a hard world, giving a hand when someone feels like drowning and showing kindness and care to those feeling alone.”

Graham back to you what is the 5 factors from Zareen which stands out for you the most as a photographer, please describe to us? 

Let’s see, in words…mmmmm…. 

  • Professional, all set & ready to shoot. 
  • Zareen’s confidence in what she was doing in both parts of shoot. 
  • Friendly with warm personality & nice smile 
  • Important for fitness, her physique showing strength, complementing & holding out in some tough moments of boudoir posing. 
  • Committed to the shoot, as outcome speaks for itself. 

During the pandemic of COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, women spent a lot of time changing their hairstyles, Zareen tell us which hairstyle would you try out and works the best for you during this HOT SUMMER MONTH of NOVEMBER 2021 please share with us your hairstyle tip of the day? 

From COVID-19 LOCKDOWN I changed my hair from blond to brunette and discovered that the maintenance on “natural” hair color lasts longer and is much more affordable. On a hot summer day, I either do a French braid with a nice bun or a high ponytail with a few curls. 

“My hairstyle tip of the day would be to twist your hair then dry from root to tip for easy & gorgeous beach waves.”

Graham to you, as a photographer what tip can you give fellow up and coming photographer’s wanting to get that perfect shot / photograph image on your camera for these HOT SUMMER MONTH’S, keeping in mind the light and weather plays a BIG ROLE when you’re out and about in the SOUTH AFRICAN brutal summer weather on location for a photo shoot? 

As a photographer, always up for a challenge, learning to embrace the sun as a friend. Don’t shoot in direct sun at midday…to avoid raccoon eyes or unless you or model have an extra set of hands to hold a diffuser between sun & model, else find some shade. 

“Let the sun be at an angle when shooting, helps too with capturing shadow cast by muscle definition, especially great at sunrise & sunset. Camera settings, when bright out,” 

I usually shoot natural light, maintaining a bokeh by increasing shutter speed, use HSS if you have it of stop down with an ND filter with flash if needed at camera sync speed. Alternatively, use shade & reflective direction of the sun, weather in a doorway or even a mall parking lot! 


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON OF THE YEAR AND WHY ZAREEN? – Winter is my favorite season of the year. I absolutely love cuddles and just the love and affection a person can show. 

DESCRIBE YOUR ULTIMATE SUMMER PARTY WITH FRIENDS FAMILY AND LOVED ONES ZAREEN? – My ultimate summer party would have a big swimming pool, an entertainment area with beer pong, a pool table and many more. I would love a theme and of course a big dancefloor for everyone to show off their moves.  

Last but not least there needs to be great food, and plenty of it. “My ultimate summer party would be surrounded with people I love and care about and ultimately just have a great time making memories.” 

WHAT’S YOUR FITNESS MOTTO YOU LIVE BY EACH DAY? – You can’t just rely on motivation as it won’t always be there. “It’s all about the D’s in life, dedication, devotion and discipline.” 

HEALTHY FOOD FRENZY WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MEAL TO MAKE AND ENOY? – I love some oats with protein shake, honey and blackberries to start my day as it has great flavor and it’s really healthy. 

WHAT IS TRUE BEAUTY TO YOU ZAREEN PLEASE DESCRIBE TO US IN YOUR OWN WORDS? – True beauty in a person is reflected in their soul. When a person knows their worth and hold themselves in high regard, but HUMBLY.  

“True beauty is not how you look but who you are, how you treat people, how you accept yourself and being unapologetically yourself.” 


  • I enjoy a nice warm bath with good music. Making food with my partner and watching our favorite shows are one of my favorite ways to end a hard day. 
  • Another great way to relax after a hard day’s work is by spending time with my family, hearing about their days and just laughing together.


  • Placing top 3 at SA CHAMPIONSHIPS in the bodybuilding industry.
  • Growing as a model in such a way that I can monetize my modeling. 
  • Excelling in my career and working towards obtaining my LLB degree.

YOU’RE MOST MEMORABLE ACCOMPLISHMENT AS A FITNESS MODEL THUS FAR IN YOUR CAREER PLEASE SHARE WITH US? – I used to be a big introvert and extremely shy. The most memorable accomplishment thus far is how I have pushed passed my boundaries and comfort zones.  

I have grown and improved in all aspects of my life and a big part of it is as a result of my fitness and modeling. “I found my inner strength and who I am as a person and it’s by far my most memorable accomplishment!” 

STARSIGN BIRTH MONTH? – January #Aquarius 


FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS ITS TIME TO INTRODUCE TO US YOUR PETS #FURBABIES? – Unfortunately, my baby dog Zeus passed away a few months ago after being poisoned, but boy did he light up my life with the time we got gifted together. Recently we were gifted with a handsome Pitbull puppy who we named Bruno and he is following right in the footsteps of Zeus, being weird, lovable and ultimately making his way right into our hearts!