It’s a Smoldering Summertime Beauty as we introduce to you all our OCT 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA covergirl / covermodel aka Tiana Newell alongside Photographer Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography


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A True Beauty all the way from Canadian shorelines and “Sizzling Summer Season Beaches” MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international mollbabe modeling beauty is back aka TIANA NEWELL, and for this OCTOBER MONTH SEASON she’s our chosen Summertime Beauty Covermodel gracing our pages for our SWIMWEAR SUMMERTIME special edition.

Alongside international photographer Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography, Tiana and Phil combined to bring us all the X-FACTOR in today’s cover feature theme editorial “READY FOR THAT SMOLDERING SUMMERTIME BEAUTY”

We recently asked TIANA to explain the term “SUMMERTIME BEAUTY” in her own words and what it means to her as she replied and we quote:

“To me it means that you are, happy and confidently glowing in your skin! Whether that’s through summer time glowy makeup, summer fashion or your internal glow!”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with Tiana Newell and Photographer Phil Cheevers for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA OCT 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL cover feature – “READY FOR THAT SMOLDERING SUMMERTIME BEAUTY”

Welcome Back Tiana and Phil, big congrats for being our chosen covermodel for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA OCTOBER 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION, how does it feel when you both got the news from our CEO Arne? 

MODEL TIANA NEWELL – I was super excited to hear that we got the cover! I love seeing our hard work pay off! 

PHOTOGRAPHER PHIL CHEEVERS – It was amazing to work with Tiana on this shoot and then work alongside with CEO editor Arne to bring the vision and idea to life. I love the process and the people involved. 

As the photo shoot theme entails aka ALL ABOUT SUMMERTIME BEAUTY for our SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION OCTOBER 2021, what is it that made this so much more special for you, what stood out the most for you about this shoot? 

TIANA AS A MODEL – Being able to shoot on a beach with a big sun hat on the beach made the photo shoot a blast!  

PHIL AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – The hat.  Tiana was made to wear it and the weather was perfect. I had gotten the hat a few months before but there was never any doubt that it was made for a shoot with Tiana.

Phil give us the lowdown aka info on the photo shoot destination where did this shoot take place, and what would you say is the most mesmerizing for you as a photographer about the chosen shoot location? 

Just downstream from Niagara Falls is a secret beach on the shores of Lake Ontario where I love to shoot. 

“It is private and pretty and a great place to work with Tiana.  I love this place.”

Tiana back to you, the term “SUMMERTIME BEAUTY” has so many means of expressing it, we would like to know what would your expression be to “SUMMERTIME BEAUTY” please explain? 

“To me it means that you are happy and confidently glowing in your skin! Whether that’s through summer time glowy makeup, summer fashion or your internal glow!”


Let’s talk skincare and how do you care for your skin, for those SUMMER SEASONS, give us a look into how you prepare or keep your skin healthy and glowing for SUMMER share with us your BEAUTY SECRETS Tiana, list them below? 

  • Vichi Laboratories Normaderm Face wash
  • Trust Fund Beauty Lip Scrub
  • BELIF The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
  • Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 Mattifying Face Sunscreen
  • PISTACHÉ SKINCARE Pistachio Body Polish (once a week)
  • Lotus Herbals Cocomoist Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lotion
  • NOYAH Organic Vanilla Lip Balm


WHERE WOULD THAT DREAM SUMMERTIME VACATION BE FOR YOU TIANA? – Maui, Hawaii… I would love to go experience the culture, food, and beaches! 


  • If I was prepared, I would bring matches, a pot to purifier water, a knife/fishing equipment, and a raft. 
  • Unprepared I would most likely have a phone, lighter, a comb, Lipstick/Chapstick, and lotion.

WHEN IT COMES TO SWIMWEAR PHOTO SHOOTS WHICH ICONIC SWIMWEAR MODEL DO YOU LOOK UP TO FOR INSPIRATION AND WHY? – Tyra Banks has always been an inspiration to me because she breaks down the traditional ideals of beauty and body standards in the industry.  

FAVORITE SWIMWEAR BRAND / BIKINI BEACHWEAR THAT YOU LOVE TO WEAR? – My favorite place to shop for swimwear right now is Shein Canada. I love the sizing and other selection of styles! 

FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES OR MOVIE YOU WATCHED OR BINGE ON FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER? – My favorite shows/series I have been watching are Grey’s Anatomy, Glow Up and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

LET’S GET OUR FUNNY MOMENT FACTOR ON… A DAY OR MOMENT THAT MADE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD PLEASE SHARE THAT DAY OR MOMENT WITH US… WHAT GAVE YOU THE BIGGEST SMILE OR LAUGH FOR THIS YEAR OF 2021 SO FAR TIANA? – Being able to get back to get-togethers with family and friends has been what has made me smile and laugh the most this year! From beach days to backyard barbecues, I love dancing and laughing the nights away! 

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE SWEETEST THING OR COMPLEMENT A FAN / FOLLOWER ON SOCIAL MEDIA RECENTLY GAVE YOU, PLEASE SHARE WITH US TIANA? – I love when I encourage fans to love their body! I often get comments from others about how my images and work gave them the confidence to show off for themselves. 

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE FOR TODAY WHAT WILL IT BE SHARE WITH US TIANA? – “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.” – By Confucius