Bringing that GOLDEN GODDESS FACTOR today, as one of our international mollbabe models makes a welcoming return for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2021 edition feature with Ashley Elyse Hale alongside international Photographer Keston Duke Photography.


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Bringing that GOLDEN GODDESS factor today MOLLBABE model Ashley Elyse Hale is back by popular demand for the month of NOVEMBER 2021 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. Ashley resides all the way from the STARS AND STRIPES country aka (USA).

A Beauty Queen and a true Goddess in her own right, Ashley believes and stands true to her word when it comes to modeling… as she says and we quote her: “I love life and love to laugh and modeling is a way of expressing that for me to the world out there”

Ashley’s professionalism speaks volumes in the modeling world as she’s been featured in multiple modeling features and magazines around the world like PLAYBOY, MAXIM and many more… she’s also been making name for herself in the acting world as well and been part of big name TV SHOWS alongside big name Celebrities like:

Fox’s New show The Choice. Episode 6, also featured on E News as well as The Soup TV SHOWS just to name a few.

“Did you know Ashley also loves to play the violin in her free time when she’s not in front of the camera and star studded lights”

Let’s find out more about today’s featured double team aka MOLLBABE MODEL Ashley Elyse Hale and Photographer Keston Duke as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview – “THE GOLDEN GODDESS EDITORIAL”

Welcome back Photographer Keston, how does it feel being back and being part of our NOVEMBER 2021 MOLLMAGSA edition alongside mollbabe model Ashley Hale for this feature? 

Hey everyone, it feels great to be in this month’s NOVEMBER 2021 edition, and it’s a nice way to close out the year. Let’s just say I’m here for the bookends. Some people might not get that. Will be sending in more content for next year! 

In today’s feature with us aka “THE GOLDEN GODDESS” editorial, Keston tell us how did you and MOLLBABE MODEL ASHLEY HALE meet up and get the inspiration for this shoot? 

So, it came about that in 2017, I did a photo shoot with her in Las Vegas. I’m based in New York and she’s also in the northeast. I reached out to her a few times to see when will she be in the city. And obviously after several calls and scheduling difficulties we finally got a hit.  


“She happened to be in town for a fashion week and she reached out to me. And that’s how this shoot came about. I just said bring what you got and let’s shoot.” 

Keston as a photographer how would you describe mollbabe model Ashley Hale in 5 words, what is it that makes her so an amazing model from a photographer’s view? 

So, come on how are you going to limit me to five words?… That is not fair. All right let’s give it a try. “Model made for fun shoots”. 

“Always professional and creative in the way she presents herself for a photoshoot a true blessing to work with!!”

In your career as a professional photographer Keston Duke, what would you say is the most difficult genre to shoot / photograph, and why? 

You’re coming with the heavy hitting questions I see. Let me give this one a shot. Let’s see, there’s a lot to choose from, but I’m going to go with weddings. The reason why I am choosing weddings is because not that it’s that hard, but if you miss something you can’t reschedule it.

“You have to get it when the event is going on. There are no redoes. So that’s why I choose weddings.”

Every photographer / artist tells a story through their work, Keston, what is the message you want to portray with this shoot and feature today with mollbabe model Ashley Hale? 

This shoot with Ashley was very short notice and limited time window. Since I have a photo studio, I just wanted to enjoy lighting the subject.

Keston, let’s talk about social media #REBRANDING one’s image and product, what is your view on the following aka FACEBOOK NAME AND REBRANDING IT’S PLATFORM TO THE NEW NAME AKA META? 

So, let’s keep in mind Facebook didn’t really change its name, the company that owns Facebook changed its name. Businesses are always re-branding and it’s happening more often nowadays due to how fast things are moving. So, my expectation is that lots of people will be tweaking their brands on a frequent basis.  

“I will always remind creatives to at least have a base foundation of consistency, but always remain open to adjusting to the new demands in the marketplace.”


IF YOU GET THE OPPERTUNITY TO TRAVEL TO SOUTH AFRICA WHERE WOULD YOUR FAVORITE PLACE BE TO VISIT IN SOUTH AFRICA? – Cape Town for sure I want to explore the wildlife/nature and beautiful coastline and mountains 

HIDDEN TALENTS? – I can play the violin and also do some acting as well!! 

A BODY FEATURE OR TRAIT YOU LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF? – My curves and curvy shaped booty for sure

WHAT IS IT ABOUT MEN / GUYS THAT ATRACTS YOU THE MOST ASHLEY? – They must have the following: A sense of humor, Must be trustworthy, And family oriented.

FAVOURITE FOOD MIDNIGHT SNACK TO INDULGE IN? – Fruit, fruit and more fruit, I love grapes!! Or Sushi is also a favorite!! 

MESSAGE YOU WANT TO PORTRAY TO THE WORLD AND OTHERS THAT LOOK TO YOU FOR INSPIRATION IN MODELING ASHLEY, WHAT WOULD THAT MESSAGE BE? – Be confident in yourself and also comfortable in your own skin! Embrace that exotic different and personal style of yourself! Don’t be afraid to explore and discover along the way!! 

CELEBS YOU WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH IN YOUR ACTING CAREER IN THE FUTURE WHO WOULD THAT BE? – Would love to work with Angelina Jolie & Leonardo DiCaprio one day that would be a dream come true for me!!

STARSIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – January, #Capricorn.

QOUTE OF THE DAY? – Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.