The Festive Season has arrived DECEMBER MONTH is here as we introduce to you all our COVERMODEL and our very own Miss Santa Claus herself aka MOLLMAGSA MISS DECEMBER 2021 Naddya Montoya alongside Photographer Darren Duke.


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Photography By Darren Duke Photography

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Makeup Artistry done by Rie Sakuma Makeup Artistry

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Bringing that FESTIVE CHEER AND FESTIVE FEELING this FESTIVE SEASON as we give you all our very own Miss Santa Claus aka #MissDecember2021 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA covergirl / covermodel Naddya Montoya alongside Photographer Darren Duke and the artistic Makeup artist Rie Sakuma, all the way from SYDNEY AUSTRALIA…

Ladies and Gents it’s time to get your festive CHEER on and forget about the troubled year we all had, let’s join hands, voices and hearts as WE WANT TO EMBRACE THE FEELING of FESTIVE GIVING, FESTIVE JOY & FESTIVE  MOMENTS we can all enjoy together…

As this Christmas and Festive Season it’s all about spending these valuable times and moments with family, close friends and loved one’s… as we recently asked Naddya, what Christmas time means to her and she says as we quote:

“Family is everything, not only when Christmas is on, I wish for nothing but health and happiness for everyone and myself!”

Let’s get into that FESTIVE SEASON SPIRIT today and bring some joy for all as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s MOLLBABE model Naddya Montoya in this month’s Christmas Edition cover feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA 

“Sassy Santa Moments – Christmas Editorial”

Welcome back Naddya congrats on your cover feature for this FESTIVE SEASON & being our chosen covermodel for DECEMBER 2021 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, how does it feel? 

I feel honored and proud to once again be chosen, to be on the front cover / covermodel of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA. Thank you so much!!

How did this theme, planning and photo shoot come together for this month’s cover feature for DECEMBER alongside you, Photographer Darren Duke & our CEO Arne Schreuder, what is it that stood out from this shoot and also what is the message you wanted to portray and give the readers/ followers and fans Naddya?… #SassySantaMoments EDITORIAL 

Me & Darren wanted to create a sensual at home Christmas feeling. We thought a cozy ambient feel to it would get the festive spirits alive! We choose an indoor setting with a “Miss Santa theme”I love the spirit of Christmas. 

I was born in Sweden & also have SOUTH AMERICAN roots and so I always remember having lots of snow and being together with all my family. In Sydney it is summer weather, and even though I love the sun & and the beach, I still miss the snow on the day! The message we want to give/ portray this festive season is: 

“Christmas can also be sexy, hence the reason we’ve chosen the red theme, and MISS SANTA outfit.”

Some top moments that stand out of this shoot are the following: The theme makes it all come together that sensual sexy sassy MISS SANTA touch WITH a FESTIVE SEASON FEEL, I just love working with Darren he totally captures the best of me in the moment!! 

Also not forgetting, a huge thank you to Makeup Artist Rie Sakuma for making me look like the “REAL SASSY AND SEXY MISS SANTA” for the day with the beautiful make-up done!! 

In this festive season every one of us has a FESTIVE way in enjoying it to the maximum with loved ones and friends, Naddya tell us what is your ways in enjoying this FESTIVE SEASON this year please list your TOP 5 ways/moments below? 

Well for me it’s the following that makes it always so so special… 

If the sun is out, I love spending my morning and day at the beach. I been doing it for many years and I just love the outdoors and to start my day like that.  

Then I always go out to one of the lovely restaurants in Sydney for Christmas dinner. There is plenty of places with amazing scenery, and I like to pick the one’s near water. I think that going out takes out the stress of preparing a big feast at home, making sure everything is perfect.  

If I would be back home in Sweden I would stay at my mum’s place and she will do a mixture of South American and Swedish food. 

“Family is everything, not only when Christmas is on.”

Furthermore, the top moments of enjoying the festive season FOR ME is: 

  • Starting the day at the beach if the weather permits.  
  • Taking the time to enjoy a day of rest with love ones!  
  • Eat beautiful yummy food and don’t feel guilty.  
  • Take the time to appreciate life and be grateful for what you have and what brings you joy!  
  • At the end I love getting cozy and comfy in front of the TV with a hot chocolate. 

What makes this FESTIVE SEASON 2021 stand out personally from all the rest you had in the past Naddya, please share with us? 

“This Christmas is a reflection of a well needed rest and not to stress around, and just enjoy time.”

I love that I am taking a Christmas break as I haven’t had one for 15 years as I always been working over the Christmas time period. “I can’t wait to have a well-deserved break and enjoy my time off!” 


HOMETOWN? – Sydney AUSTRALIA, with Sweden forever in my heart! 

YOU’RE ALL TIME FAVORITE CHRISTMAS CARROL / FESTIVE SEASON MUSIC SONG THAT GETS YOU IN THAT FESTIVE MOOD? – I am not a lover of Christmas music or carols, but I like a bit of ambient, and classic music to get in the spirit of things!! 

FAVORITE FESTIVE SEASON CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME? – In terms of Christmas movies, I love to watch some old Swedish classics movies. 

LET’S MAKE IT SHINE WITH THAT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN THE KITCHEN… WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS FOOD DISH TO MAKE AND ENJOY? – In terms of favorite Christmas dishes, I love a mixture of Swedish and South American food. Living in Australia, a lovely sea food platter is a must! in that said, Christmas Day is a time for indulgence. 


Your time, or to be with loved ones and have a great day, eat nice food laugh a lot is priceless! I wish for nothing but health and happiness for everyone and myself!

PLEASE INTRODUCE US TO YOUR LOVABLE PETS / FURBABIES? – I love all animals, especially cats! Hence, I have 2 tattoos of them!! 

Unfortunately, I am very busy and don’t have time for pets. #DIDYOUKNOW: When I was a child I grew up with cats and dogs, and think that’s the best thing ever. “Your pets become like your family!” 

THIS FESTIVE SEASON IS THE SEASON OF GIVING & SHOWING SUPPORT AND LOVE FOR EACH OTHER, WHAT’S YOUR FESTIVE MESSAGE TO YOUNG & OLD, FANS / FOLLOWERS AND FAMILY & LOVED ONES? – My message to family, friends and everyone out there is to live each day as it was your last day on earth.  

You only live once. so, make the most of it. Surround yourself with positive energy and be grateful for the things you have in life instead of dwelling over things you don’t. Remember you can’t buy happiness or good heath with money. You created your own luck.