December month is all about those Christmas wish list’s, because today is yet another newcomer making her modeling debut for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka Sharlene Combrinck alongside Photographer Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY and our CEO Arne Schreuder.


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Everyone of us has a Christmas wish of some sort every year in these festive times, (may that wish be big or small), this festive season is all about giving and making wishes come true this year.

As our CHRISTMAS WISH to you all today, is non other than the local HOMEGROWN beauty, MODEL, BUSINESS WOMAN (WELLNESS COACH) , MOTHER / WIFE & YOUTUBE PERSONALITY aka Sharlene Combrinck making her debut for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for the month of December 2021!

Sharlene is all the way from Krugersdorp Westrand, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA, she’s a creative and talented individual that has a passion for freelance modeling, and also sharing her love for lingerie, bikinis fashion, music and tattoos!!

Furthermore Sharlene believes in the following, “Self Love & Self Care” as its very important to her to take care and love yourself first before anyone else… When it comes to modeling Sharlene says her passion is very much for it, especially when it comes to the more creative and artistic type that she loves!!

Let’s find out more as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s Sharlene Combrinck & Photographer Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY in today’s editorial – “My Christmas Wish – Lingerie Editorial” for December 2021

Welcome back Sharlene & Graham, congrats on your FESTIVE SEASON feature with us for our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER  2021 CHRISTMAS month edition how do you feel right now? 

SHARLENE MODEL – Totally ecstatic and so blessed to feature in the December 2021 edition of MOLLMAGSA Thanks so much for the opportunity!! 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – Arne thanks once again for this great opportunity to once again be featured in MOLLMAGSA, and that especially for the Christmas Edition. I’m glad this year is at an end, looking forward to what next year will bring!! 


Sharlene, tell us a bit more about yourself in a small detail 4 sentence bio, where do you reside from and where did the passion for modeling all start? 

I’m 33 years old, wife to an amazing husband for 12 years now and mother to a super cute and spirited 4-year-old daughter. We currently reside in Krugersdorp in the Westrand Gauteng SOUTH AFRICA, but are moving down to the South Coast SOUTH AFRICA next year.  

“I’ve always had a passion for modelling (especially the more creative and artistic type)”

but felt too insecure to start. I must thank my best friend and hubby who continued to push me until I finally pursued this passion 2 years ago. 

Give us a glimpse in how this FESTIVE SEASON shoot all got planned and what was that SPECIAL MOMENT that stood out for you from this photoshoot together? 

SHARLENE FROM A MODEL’S VIEW – Graham contacted me via Instagram and asked me if I would be keen to do a photoshoot with him and Arne CEO from MOLLMAGSA. I’m always keen to do a collab shoot with different photographers so I immediately said yes.  

Graham made me feel very comfortable during the entire shoot and I think for me the special moment was after the shoot when we sat and chatted about photography and modelling and how we started in this industry. It was great to get to know more about it!! 

GRAHAM FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – I connected with SHARLENE through IG as I sent her a DM as she agreed to do this planned colab photoshoot and feature with me & Arne, we began talking around ideas, mood board etc.  

What stood out was, as Sharlene said over lunch our industry chat and overcoming opposition doing what we do. Oh, and almost falling off balance trying to get that perfect shot angle at the patio off a chair  

LOL, “What photographer’s sometimes embrace, sacrifice and have to do, to get that perfect photo shot in the end”

Sharlene, tell us what’s the one thing you want on your CHRISTMAS WISHLIST for Santa this year 2021? 

I kinda already got my Christmas Wish (we bought a house down at the coast) but if I must list something it would be that the move goes smoothly! 

What makes this FESTIVE SEASON 2021 stand out personally from all the rest you had in the past Sharlene & Graham, please share with us? 

SHARLENE MODEL – My dream has always been to live down at the coast and this year my Christmas wish came true. We bought a house down at the coast which we will be moving into early next year.

Super excited and so thankful and grateful that we can celebrate it this season!”

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – Firstly I will miss those whole family get-togethers, Secondly A Christmas without my dad this year, as my dad passed away in 2020 due to Parkinson’s. 

2021 Looking at the present memories with my in-laws and my family, taking photos as memories… “as that’s what we need are memories, often times not the season but images to help us fondly remember moments and people dear to us in our lives.”  As portraits are a lot more personal for me, than just clicking a shutter.

Sharlene you’re also a talented YOUTUBE VLOGGER AKA YOUTUBE STAR in the making, tell us about your VLOGGING CHANNEL called “Songs & Thongs” what is it all about and where did the journey all began? 

“Songs & Thongs” is a reaction channel where my husband and I react to music and give our thoughts and insights on the songs etc. I occasionally do a lingerie or bikini review on the channel as well hence the name of our channel. We started the channel in September 2020 for the sole reason of having fun.

“We never in our wildest dreams thought that the channel would grow so quickly but we are so happy that it did.”

We really are having a lot of fun and we have the most amazing fans. We are so blessed!


HOMETOWN? – Currently Krugersdorp Gauteng. Soon it will be Trafalgar Beach KwaZulu Natal South Coast! 



LET’S MAKE IT SHINE WITH THAT CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN THE KITCHEN… WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS FOOD DISH TO MAKE AND ENJOY? – Cherries wrapped with bacon. It’s actually more of a snack, but it is a dish that my mom used to make and sort of a family tradition, and also bourbon- soaked cherries I LOVE IT!!! 

MOST MEMORABLE GIFT YOU CAN GIVE SOMEONE THIS CHRISTMAS, OR THAT SOMEONE CAN GIVE YOU THIS SEASON? – I don’t really believe in buying gifts, so anything handmade or with a personal touch will always be more memorable in my opinion! 

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MEMORY FROM WAY BACK THEN IN YOUR CHILDHOOD YEAR’S, YOU REMEMBER THE MOST PLEASE SHARE WITH US? – I have very fond memories of my childhood Christmas, but one of my favorite memories was when my brother and I danced to Christmas carols around our lounge coffee table on Christmas Eve.  

Lots of laughter and silliness which I cherish a lot!! “NOTHING CAN COME CLOSE TO THOSE MOMENTS IN LIFE!!”

LET’S SPREAD THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AND JOY TO ALL WHAT IS YOUR FESTIVE SEASON MESSAGE TO YOUNG & OLD, FANS, FOLLOWERS, FAMILY, FRIENDS & LOVED ONE’S SHARLENE?  – Whatever is beautiful, whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you happiness, may it be yours this holiday season. May your life be colorful, magnificent, shimmering and joyful as the magic of Christmas spreads on you. 

STARSIGN BIRTH MONTH? – I am a Capricorn. Born in the month of January