Bringing that Natural Beauty and Glam touch today for our November 2021 edition with the talented and beautiful Tiana Newell & international photographer Michael Leahey.


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Photography by Michael Leahey on instagram at @leaheymichael


All Natural all Beauty all Glamour in the beauty of nature as we travel to the shores of Ontario CANADA today, because the tantalizing tempting ALL NATURAL BEAUTY of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international MOLLBABE aka TIANA NEWELL is back in full force.

And this time for the month of NOVEMBER 2021 we focus on “All Natural Beauty and Glam” as Tiana packs a true punch of it and much more in today’s feature,

as we asked Tiana the following: what it is that makes this month’s feature so much more glamourous and stand out from the recent features we’ve done with her in the past, and the answer to that is simple as she says and we quote her,

“This shoot was amazing to play around with glamorous fashion with the beauty of nature around me!” 

Let’s sit back and take in and enjoy the soft glamourous touches and artistic visions MOLLBABE model Tiana Newell and Photographer Michael Leahey produced, as our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder interviews Tiana Newell for more insight of today’s feature.

“All Natural Beauty and Glam” – Editorial for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA November 2021 edition.

Welcome back MODEL TIANA NEWELL for yet another amazing feature, how does it feel being back and being part of our NOVEMBER 2021 MOLLMAGSA edition alongside Photographer Michael Leahey? 

I love that I’m able in another issue of MOLLMAGSA! It feels amazing to show you all another style with photographer Michael Leahey!

Today’s & this month NOVEMBER feature is all about that “ALL NATURAL BEAUTY & GLAM” tell us what is it about this shoot with Michael Leahey that stood out the most for you Tiana? 

“This shoot was amazing to play around with glamorous fashion with the beauty of nature around me!”

Where exactly was this photoshoot done give us the desired photoshoot location Tiana? 

This photoshoot was taken at Queenston Heights in Queenston, Ontario Canada. It is a beautiful park with stone trails, trees, and garden beds. 

FUN FACT: Queenston Heights in Queenston, Ontario, Canada, known as Brock’s Monument, commemorates the battle as well as the memory of the Battle of Queenston Heights.

Doing a photo shoot outdoors on location compare to doing a photo shoot in studio, Tiana what makes it so amazing for you as a model doing a photo shoot outdoors give us 5 pointers what makes it so much more fun for you as a model OUTDOORS VS STUDIO? 

  • Exploring areas, you might never go to
  • Being able to shoot with and in nature
  • Walking/Travelling from location to location getting images in between
  • Access to Natural Lighting is always fun
  • Talking to those that stop to watch you

Tiana if you could describe Photographer Michael Leahey’s photography work in 5 words in a nutshell what would those words be? 

“Creative, Organized, Editorial, Artistic and Soft.”

What is on your to do list, Wishlist, what are the 3 things you did that stood out  for the month of NOVEMBER Tiana please share with us? 

  • To create more amazing photoshoots!
  • To bring my family or travel to them for the holidays.
  • To get a brand-new pc for gaming!

Tiana, let’s talk about social media #REBRANDING one’s image and product, what is your view on the following aka FACEBOOK NAME AND REBRANDING IT’S PLATFORM TO THE NEW NAME AKA META? 

Interested to see what it has instore, but also very confused on the change so late after Facebook as thrived for so long.


HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING? – I love Gaming on my PC, then Cooking is also a passion of mine as well as dancing!!

HOW WOULD YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF IN GETTING INTO THAT RELAXING MOOD? – Well, a long relaxing soothing bubble bath or yoga and meditation does the trick for me to get me #InThatRelaxZone !!

FESTIVE SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER WHAT IS YOUR WISH ON SANTA’S CHRISTMAS CARD? – To be with my family… #FamilyTime is the most important of all right now and the best gift ever!!

FITNESS ROUTINE KEEPING FIT? – The best way for me is my YOGA, MEDITATION and DANCING sessions I love it to bits!!

QOUTE OF THE DAY? – “Take Pride in Yourself love yourself and be unapologetically YOU in the BEAUTY you create and live for in this world.”