Introducing to you all our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION covermodel aka the beautiful and glowing Nicolette Chavez alongside international photographer David Northcott


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That SUMMER SEASON fun in the sun moments has kick in this NOVEMBER MONTH, because for our MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION NOVEMBER 2021 we go poolside with the beautiful and glowing Texas born and raised aka our COVERMODEL / COVERGIRL Nicolette Chavez all the way from the Lone Star State TEXAS USA,

Yes ladies and gents as the saying goes EVERYTHING IS BIGGER & BETTER IN TEXAS, well that is so true because our newest international mollbabe model Nicolette Chavez all the way from DALLAS TEXAS USA, makes a huge impact and impression when it comes to her BOLD GLOWING BEAUTY!

As we get to know her better Poolside in some amazing swimwear photography by the talented David Northcott, as  this makes us truly proud to showcase this feature today, because we recently asked MOLLBABE MODEL Nicolette the following: What is it that makes her images and modeling photos stand out from all the rest and we quote her by saying:

“I like to look for those who either stand for a good cause or have an INSPIRING STORY to tell and that is totally me as I would like to tell my STORY to the WORLD!!”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interviews covermodel Nicolette Chavez and Photographer David Northcott in today’s cover editorial “SUMMER POOLSIDE GLOWING BEAUTY” MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION.

Warm Welcome Nicolette Chavez and Photographer David Northcott, congrats on your NOVEMBER 2021 COVER FEATURE with us that’s part of our Swimwear Special Edition, tell us how do you feel right now?  

MODEL NICOLETTE CHAVEZ – Very excited and thankful to be the COVERGIRL for this month of NOVEMBER for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA!! 

DAVID NORTHCOTT PHOTOGRAPHY – Truly glad to be back yet again and getting my work featured on the COVER of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA with the amazing and beautiful model Nicolette Chavez, thank you Arne!

Nicolette the stage is yours, please introduce yourself to us and also tell us where you reside from? 

Hi everyone my name is Nicolette Chavez, I’m a city girl from EL PASO TEXAS, USA. I love the desert & dirt roads. I also recently moved to DALLAS TEXAS, to embrace that BIGGER IS BETTER lifestyle that all we Texans crave for, because as the saying goes. “Everything is BIGGER AND BETTER in TEXAS” 

“I’m an international model, and I also work in the MARKETING business sector as I really love my job!!”

Nicolette we all know how demanding and difficult the modeling industry scene is these days, tell us… how did you get into modeling and why do you love it so much? 

Funny story I was told by my family for years that I should begin modeling as I’ve got the perfect look for it, but at the time I thought everyone was biased, then one day when I came back from NASHVILLE someone approached me & basically asked me if I want to be a model then I did some portfolio shoots and THE JOURNEY ALL STARTED from there on!!  

“And I MUST say what a wonderful JOURNEY it has been so far very exciting working with all the amazing photographers traveling the world and attending the amazing modeling events and opportunities I get!!!”

There are many photographers out there with different levels of experience of photographing / working in a variety of genres, tell us as a model Nicolette what do you look for when choosing the right photographer to work with and which genre of modeling do you prefer? 

  • I look for someone whom makes me feel comfortable in front of the camera lens and also someone whom enjoys the process of creating living moving art in front of the camera lens JUST LIKE ME, because for me PHOTOGRAPHY & MODELING is a combination of “MOVING LIVING ART” 
  • Then the right Photographer should also be someone that should help with guidance, tips & suggestion in a positive and uplifting way of inspiration towards the model, TO GET THE BEST END RESULTS OF THE PHOTOSHOOT in the end. 
  • And the genre I prefer is the following: GLAM & LIFESTYLE 

Some people are lucky enough to work as a professional model fulltime, tell us how do you fit modeling into your busy lifestyle NICOLETTE? 

It can be really hard sometimes and stressful to, but I juggle a lot of stuff, however I LOVE & ENJOY being busy. There are times that I will have certain days on my schedule that is specifically put out and scheduled just for modeling and photoshoot on my busy daily schedule, “SO, PLANNING AHEAD IS A MUST FOR SURE!” 

Getting yourself out there for the right people in this rough and cutthroat industry to see you as a model and getting your photos/ images published with the perfect publication is really difficult at times, tell us how do you choose to where your modeling work / photo images should be shown or published NICOLETTE? 

“I like to look for those either who stand for a good cause or have an INSPIRING STORY to tell.”

Lastly, what would be your message of INSPIRATION to other young upcoming models… guys or girls whom look up to you in this industry, what would you tell them? 

It’s all about putting yourself out there & making connections & building relationships with the right kind of people in the industry whom is just as eager and motivated as you. 

“Be yourself & show the world, WHO YOU ARE!!”


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INSPIRATION QOUTE OF THE DAY PLEASE SHARE WITH US? – “If you want to soar in life, you first have to learn to F.L.Y (first love yourself)


WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY IN LIFE? – My family and also when I can use my SMILE to change the world!!

FITNESS ROUTINE SHARE WITH US YOURS? – I workout 4 to 5 times a week and my food diet contain fish/meat. Living fit healthy and active is a big thing for me to keep me in the right mindset.