Our next feature today that’s part of our NOVEMBER 2021 MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION, see’s another international MOLLMAGSA mollbabe model making a welcoming return this month aka The Notorious Beauty NADDYA MONTOYA alongside DARREN DUKE PHOTOGRAPHY.


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Photography By Darren Duke Photography

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Summer is here so its time to kick back hit the beach and enjoy those sunny sunshine weather and ocean breeze of beauty and fresh air! TIME FOR THAT SUMMER SENSATIONS OF TRUE BLISS BEAUTY and SUMMER GODDESS MOMENTS we all want to have and enjoy!!

We travel all the way to the shores of AUSTRALIA as we spend the day with our Notorious mollbabe model Beauty NADDYA MONTOYA & Photographer Darren Duke, as they bring us those SUMMER VIBES the Australian way!!

A lady full of energetic vibes when it comes to modeling always a SMILE ON HER FACE and the MOST HAPPIEST on the BEACH this is why NADDYA MONTOYA is our “SUMMER GODDESS IN MOTION” because the beaches, sun and ocean is her #happyplace for sure!!

Let’s find out more what makes this SUMMER SEASON so special and amazing as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO , Arne Schreuder interview’s Naddya Montoya & Photographer Darren Duke


Welcome back Naddya, how does it feel to be back and also working with PHOTOGRAPHER DARREN DUKE & CEO ARNE SCHREUDER on this shoot and project for our MOLLMAGSA NOVEMBER MONTH SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION 2021? 

Thank you so much again for giving me this amazing opportunity to be featured in the MOLLMAGSA again. Myself and photographer Darren have once again created some amazing beach images.  

I talked before about my love for the beach and outdoors and very happy to be back out shooting again in beautiful SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!

Being out of LOCKDOWN since the COVID-19 pandemic started, tell us Naddya what is the most amazing thing and feeling about being back doing photo shoots at the beach alongside PHOTOGRAPHER DARREN DUKE after this long long while? 

I kept active and healthy under lockdown, did a lot of walks around my beautiful area in Cremorne and northern beaches. Coming out of lockdown was great, and I just continued my health kick.  

I was so excited to be able to shoot and create beautiful content again. We have our secret spot where we love to go to and shoot. It’s a secret and our favorite place… “Ssssh its a secret”

“I feel the best when I am surrounded by nature and water, sand and sun, nothing beats that.”

In today’s photo shoot and feature for us, as a model Naddya, what is the message you want to portray with today’s photo shoot editorial aka “SUMMER GODDESS IN MOTION – EDITORIAL? 

The following: 

  • I want to portray the beauty of the simplicity of nature, surroundings and give the viewer, fans & readers a sense of emotions.  
  • I love summers in Sydney with all the beautiful beaches. I wanted to create different styles, looks and outfits, to bring out the best of those SUMMER moments.

Naddya, how do you care for your skin, when those SUMMER SEASONS kick in, give us a look into how you prepare or keep your skin healthy and glowing for SUMMER share with us your BEAUTY SECRETS, please, list them below? 

I am very careful in the sun, and make sure I am well protected. The sun is very strong in Australia, so always be careful when out in the sun. I always wear a hat when I am out walking and hiking to protect my face.  

“One of my top tips is to put your creams (face/ body) in the fridge, ready to be cooled down and put on. It not only wakens your skin up, but feels fresh first thing in the morning.”

I always cleanse, tone and moisturize. I love my products from the Bodyshop, and have my favorite range there named “Drops of Youth.”  I make sure to scrub, twice a week and love using oils on my body.

“A good sleep and drinking plenty of water is super important too, to maintain healthy skin.”


YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE ENTAILS?  – Going for my morning runs at Cremorne Point & and also a Gym Workout daily.

FAVORITE PLACE FOR A HOLIDAY? – The beach is calling and I must go, so please whisk me away to a tropical holiday… sun, surf and ocean #myhappyplace!! Life is always better at the beach.

STAR SIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Scorpio in the month of NOVEMBER, So an AMAZING feeling as this feature is part of my #BirthdayPresent for NOVEMBER 2021 #thankyou

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE YOU LIVE BY? – “Be proud of who you are, and always LOVE YOURSELF in what you do and stand for!” Also remember Life is too short, make the most of it. You don’t know when your last day is. Live the way you want to live.