Our next SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION MOLLMAGSA beauty making her very first debut for the month of NOVEMBER 2021 is homegrown South African stunner Thealize Redelinghuys alongside Photographer Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA.


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Photography By Eduard Labuschagne from ModelConnectRSA on

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All about that “Summer Smiles & Swimwear Vibes” this SUMMER SEASON as we bring homegrown beauty to the spotlight for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA NOVEMBER SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION 2021, making her debut in a big way with that:

“Super Smile, Tan Lines, Determination & and always Hardworking mentality” we welcome homegrown SWIMWEAR BEAUTY aka THEALIZE REDELINGHUYS. All the way from Pretoria South Africa,

Thealize is a true inspiration to work with and always a hardworking & determined lady, thinking on her feet and a GO GETTER seeking for that adrenaline rush in LIFE!! When it comes to hobbies Thealize says the following and we quote her:

“I am the biggest adrenaline junkie. So, anything that gets the blood flowing, and I’m there. I love a crazy rollercoaster ride, or an adventurous quad bike session!!”

Furthermore Thealize is also a humbling loving mother which puts her FAMILY, and FAITH FIRST above ALL, as family, faith and her love for fitness and beauty are the FACTOR METER which drives her passion and hardworking ethic in life to ACHIEVE & PURSUE her GOALS in life she sets herself!!

in that said, Thealize always push that extra mile to achieve that GOAL!! ,because for her modeling is a sense of purpose in her LIFE!

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with MOLLBABE model Thealize Redelinghuys & Photographer Eduard Labuschagne in today’s NOVEMBER 2021 MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION feature – “Summer Smiles & Swimwear Vibes” Editorial.

Welcome model Thealize and Photographer Eduard, how does it feel to be one of our chosen features for our MOLLMAGSA NOVEMBER MONTH SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION 2021? 

MODEL THEALIZE – It’s such an honor to be featured with MOLLMAGSA. It’s incredible to be seen after years & hours of hard work. 

EDUARD FROM MODELCONNECTRSA – Glad to be back with another feature ENDING THIS CRAZY YEAR OFF ON A HIGH NOTE!!, so thankful to the whole team of MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you Arne!!

Thealize its time to introduce yourself to us in a short 4 sentence bio on who you are where you reside from and what made you fall in love with modeling and where it all began for you? 

I’ve lived all over the world, but I’ve been in Pretoria for the last couple of years. I fell in love with the modelling industry because it gave me a sense of purpose.  

“I believe that we should encourage women of all shapes and sizes to work out and look at ourselves in the mirror, because we actually love our bodies, and not because we hate it.”

Everyone, of us express ourselves through fashion and beauty and you all have a message on how we would like to portray ourselves to the world out there, Thealize please tell us what’s your message you want to portray to the world out there and to younger women and girls whom look up to you in the modeling business? 

To be an inspiration to other women is probably one of the biggest achievements for me personally. You have to get up every morning and try to be better that the “you” of yesterday. 

“We should be fixing each other’s crowns!”

What is the true meaning of the following to you “SUMMER SMILES” in other words what 3 things in SUMMER SEASON makes you smile the most Thealize list them below? 

  • Soaking up the sun (with some UV protection obviously) 
  • Spending time with family & loved ones 
  • Rocking that brand new bikini from my favorite surf shop!


Thealize how would you describe Photographer Eduard’s Photography work in 5 striking words? 

  • Professional is the first that comes to mind 
  • Comfortable 
  • Striking 
  • Accommodating  
  • Innovative 

How would you describe MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA’s style image and brand what intrigues you the most about us Thealize? 

“MOLLMAGSA is always about promoting women in such a positive way. I think that hits home for me, because that’s what I’m all about!!”

Today’s feature is all about that “SUMMER SMILES & SWIMWEAR VIBES, tell us what made this photo shoot so special to you and what moment stood out the most for you that you will always remember & never forget?  

THEALIZE FROM A MODEL’S VIEW – I was at one of the lowest points in my life when Eduard approached me to do this specific shoot. It made me forget about all the darkness around me, and just focus on what’s in front of me in that moment. I would work with him any day of the week! 

EDUARD FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – Well with this shoot I really wanted to help THEALIZE get back that confidence and GLOW that she has, always a GREAT FEELING when I can uplift and motivate someone who needs it the most at the time through my photography, 

“Thealize is a true hardworking individual and it shows through every photoshoot she does!!”


Back to you Eduard, describe model Thealize in 5 striking words what makes her so a unique model to work with? 

  • Hardworking, 
  • Determined! 
  • Always giving that extra effort at photoshoots,  
  • Very inspiring to work with 
  • As well as LEVEL HEADED and a GO GETTER in whatever LIFE throughs at her!

Thealize, how do you care for your skin, when those SUMMER SEASONS kick in, give us a look into how you prepare or keep your skin healthy and glowing for SUMMER share with us your BEAUTY SECRETS, please, list them below? 

I’m a big believer of moisturizing from head to toe. I only use Hannon skin care products to moisturize. To get that summer glow I only trust the lovely Chene from GoBrown Tanning. She always makes sure that I have that special glow for any shoot. 


HOBBIES / INTERESTS YOU HAVE BESIDES MODELING? – I am the biggest adrenaline junkie. So, anything that gets the blood flowing, and I’m there. I love a crazy rollercoaster ride, or an adventurous quad bike session!! 

YOUR PROUDEST MOMENT IN LIFE SO FAR? – This has to be giving birth to my beautiful son. Nothing could prepare me for this moment, but it has to be my proudest moment! 

FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION IN THE WHOLE WORLD, WHERE WILL THAT BE FOR YOU AND HOW WILL YOU SPEND IT? – Camps Bay SOUTH AFRICA is hands down my happy place. Seems like an escape from the crazy huzz buzz I live in. I love the beach so I’d just dig my toes into the sand, soak up the sun and enjoy the beach!! 

GENRES OF MODELING YOU ENJOY TO DO? – Any genre. I love the bikini and fitness shoots that I mostly do, but I also enjoy the high-end fashion shoots. I would like to do more of that in the future and expand my portfolio a bit!! 

FAVORITE MOVIE OR NETFLIX SERIES YOU RECENTLY WHATCHED FOR MONTH OF NOVEMBER? – A good thriller gets me every time. Recently I enjoyed the series “You” on Netflix

FAVORITE LATE NIGHT FOOD SNACK TO INDULGE IN OR MAKE TO ENJOY FOR YOU THEALIZE? – Peanut butter. I’m a sucker for peanut butter & fruit!! 

ALL OF US HAS SOME SORT OF OUR OWN INNER SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR’S THEALIZE? – Being perseverant and resilient. Once I put my head on something, I push through no matter what!! 

FAVORITE SWIMWEAR BRAND AND OUTFIT TO WEAR FOR SUMMER SEASON RIGHT NOW? – Lu May is one of my favorites currently. They have the biggest variety and come up with new styles every month. 

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY IN TODAY’S LIFESTYLE AS A WOMAN? – Women encouraging other women really brings a smile to my face. We live in such uncertain times, there really isn’t any time for us to break each other down. People in general supporting and being happy for someone else’s success is magic! TO MY EARS!! 

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BY EACH DAY? – “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it”