Next installment that’s part of our DEC 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION feature as Homegrown Beauty Sharlene Combrinck and photographer Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY showcase some swimwear vibes for us today!


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All about that SWIMWEAR VIBES today keeping it LOCAL & truly SOUTH AFRICAN as mollbabe model Sharlene Combrinck shows us her love for SWIMWEAR modeling alongside Graham Charles from UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY and our CEO Arne Schreuder,

as the 3 combine to bring you all “The Summertime Homegrown Beauty”

Sharlene’s passion for SWIMWEAR modeling is described as follows: “Authentic, Vibrant, and Invigorating”

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he sat done in interview with MOLLBABE model Sharlene & Photographer Graham Charles in today’s SWIMWEAR EDITORIAL –  “Homegrown Summertime Beauty”

Sharlene & Graham, congrats on your DOUBLE feature with us for our MOLLMAGSA DECEMBER 2021 month and this time part of our SWIMWEAR SPECIAL edition how do you feel right now? 

SHARLENE MODEL – So grateful and honored. It is a dream come true for me. Thanks once again for the opportunity 

GRAHAM FROM UR IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY – Hi Arne, I feel excited, grateful to be part of a DOUBLE feature, thank you so much.

Being that this is a SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION feature aka “HOMEGROWN SUMMERTIME BEAUTY” what does that headline mean to you as a model & photographer? 

SHARLENE as MODEL – Summer to me is the best time of the year, it symbolizes freedom, joy, and growth. In the dictionary homegrown means to grow or produce in one’s own garden or country and although this is the literal meaning of the word figuratively to me it means to grow in yourself and to love and accept yourself for who you are.  

That in return will bring you freedom and joy (summer) and that is where the true beauty lies. 

“Beauty is within us and when we accept ourselves and love ourselves then we can really appreciate the beauty that is around us.”

GRAHAM as a PHOTOGRAPHER – For me, as for us all (I think), being on Instagram a lot, one thing you notice is a certain look each country displays. 

“We have our own unique beauty in the women of our country, a rainbow nation of beautiful models, homegrown, summertime is a great time to shoot, without the challenge of cold winter seasons!

Sharlene what would you say is your TOP 5 things to do in SOUTH AFRICA for this SUMMER SEASON please list them below? 

  • Visit the beach 
  • Have a picnic in the park  
  • A game drive in the Bushveld  
  • Hiking in the nature reserve 
  • Braai with friends and family, it is South Africa after all

“We live in such a beautiful country, and it would be a shame not to spend it outdoors in nature.”

Graham back to you, if you could choose what would be your favorite SUMMER SWIMWEAR dream shoot as a photographer, time to set that dream location and setting for your ultimate DREAM photo shoot? 

Can be local, at the sea, Natal South Coast or PE, sunrise or sunset over the sea, model front lit with flash…with cool tones in the background mixed with sunlight. 

Model in the water, shin deep with a 2 piece red, blue or orange swimsuit during low tide when the waves are calm.

Sharlene how would you describe your passion for SWIMWEAR modeling, give us 3 striking words? 

“Authentic, vibrant, invigorating”


FAVORITE SWIMWEAR / BIKINI CLOTHING BRAND YOU LOVE TO WEAR & OWN?  – I recently started wearing swimwear from Shein. It is good quality, very affordable and they have super cool and funky swimsuit and bikini styles that grab my attention. 

LET’S TALK REALITY TV / REALITY SHOWS, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE REALITY SERIES AND WHY? – Hot Ones, Sean Evans has a skill in asking great questions to the celebrities he is interviewing and most of the time the questions catch them so off guard that you get an open and honest answer from them.  

So, you get to see how they truly feel and how they truly are. And then the added benefit of the hot sauce, interesting to see who can handle the heat and who can’t. 

MOST FAVORITE THING ABOUT SUMMER FOR YOU IS?  – Spending more time outdoors in nature! 


FAVORITE SUMMER GETAWAY DESTINATION? – Any place close to the beach!