A new year a new outlook as 2022 is here as we introduce to you all our JANUARY 2022 MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOTY (Model Of the Year) aka #MissJanuary2022 & covermodel Heather Spytek.


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Photography By David Hammond

A BALLERINA’S PLAYGROUND is the setting and theme for this month’s JANUARY 2022 MOTY cover feature. Yes Ladies and Gents, she’s back… The all so focused all so inspirational figure to most of us in the modeling industry and business.

The lady that made heads turn from a very young age back then and reminds us all that through hard work, persistence and the believe in one self, YOU CAN & WILL REACH YOUR DREAMS… give a warm welcome to our chosen MOLLMAGSA MOTY 2022 aka HEATHER SPYTEK,

All the way from Hollywood Florida Miami USA, we all remember Heather from back in the days when she made her name glitter and shine through numerous  PLAYBOY magazine covers and PLAYBOY PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR TITLES in the GOLDEN YEAR of 2001.

Well as they say Age is just a Number and Heather’s Beauty is like fine mature red wine, as these days she still keeps rocking that amazing BEAUTY she has INSIDE & OUT SIDE!!! 

As this month’s theme focuses on THE LOVE & PASSION Heather has as a BALLERINA dancer back in her teenage years.  As we quote her as she said the following:

“It reminds me of my love for ballet and how I wish I could have stayed longer in this wonderful venue of disciplined, artistic dance, because I love BEING ON STAGE”

Lets bring back those wonder years of BALLET DANCING as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interviewing the amazing lady and our MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE MOTY 2022 aka Heather Spytek as she takes us back to her glowing Ballerina years on stage


Welcome back HEATHER & congrats on your covermodel feature as well as been chosen as our 2022 MOTY for this JANUARY 2022 EDITION for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, how does it feel? 

I am honored to once again be featured in MOLLMAG South AfricaTo be chosen as model of the year is a special honor.

Being featured with us aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for the 5th time with this feature included as 2022 MOTY, firstly what is the one message you want to share with fellow young upcoming models whom look up to you for inspiration, and secondly what has been capturing your attention of our BRAND & STYLE we showcase over the year’s Heather? 

Models that are new to the industry must have perseverance. The odds of being “discovered” on the first day of modeling are not in your favor.

You must be persistent and have faith in yourself.”

Furthermore, I enjoy MOLLMAG South Africa for the incredible diversity. Fashion tips and trends showcased by models and photographers from all over the world. There is always something interesting to read and look at. 

What would you say is your favorite style and image as an international model yourself to kick off the new year of 2022, give us 3 FACTORS that stand out for you personally when it comes to WOMEN IN STYLE & FASHION? 

Styles always change but three things always remain, regardless of the trend 

  • First, you must feel good in your selected fashion style. Self-confidence transcends your selections.  
  • Second, what goes around comes around. It is always helpful to look back before you look forward. In many cases you already have the basic components of the latest trend.  
  • Third, don’t buy what the advertisements tell you to buy. Be inspired by the trend and then make it your own. 

Working alongside Arne & Photographer David Hammond on this covershoot, what is the one thing that stood out with this “BALLERINA THEME” photoshoot you did for us personally? 

The featured Ballerina shoot, reminds me of my love for ballet and how I wish I could have stayed longer in this wonderful venue of disciplined, artistic dance. 

“It was a pleasure working with Arne and David to create a memory.”

As the theme says “A BALLERINA’S PLAYGROUND” tell us a bit of your Ballerina background back in your younger teenage days, where did the love and passion come from for it, HEATHER? 

Like many young girls my MOTHER enrolled me in dance class at an early age. She insisted I attend each class and that I did well in class. After a little encouragement I grew to love all dance, especially ballet. 

It’s FLASHBACK time, through your younger years back in BALLET CLASSES what was your most memorable ballet moment as a ballerina HEATHER and how would you describe that exact moment in 3 MOVING WORDS to us and the fans and readers out there today? 

The best three words that describe my most memorable moments as a young ballet dancer,

“Being On Stage”


WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FOR 2022 HEATHER? – My New Year’s 2022 resolution is to look at life in a more thankful fashion. Clearly there are so many things out of our control. I intend to do a better job of enjoying what I can control. 


I am not at all sure that is the case. I do try to keep things in perspective. We are all the same in many ways and we are all different in many ways. A few minutes of fame doesn’t make me famous. It does make me grateful.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE TRUE MEANING OF A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE / AND LIFE THAT WE LIVE? – A successful life is when one finds peace within themselves and within their environment. It is a never-ending quest, but well worth the effort. 

STICKING TO THE BALLERINA THEME FOR THIS MONTH, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR FAVORITE BALLERINA BASED MOVIE OF ALL TIME AND WHY? – My favorite Ballerina movie is, Black Swan (Starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis & Vincent Cassel) I totally love the storyline,  

& My year’s back then as a Ballet dancer, truly brings back a lot of emotions and memories that I will treasure forever! 

LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE… HEATHER IF YOU’RE CHOSEN AS A GLOBAL AMBASSADOR OR PRESIDENT IN THE FUTURE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN SAVING OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH FROM GLOBAL WARMING & EXTINCTION? – Oh my! The responsibilities of an ambassador or World Leader! I can’t imagine the pressures of such responsibility of saving the world from global warming and possible extinction.  

The way I would approach such responsibility is to do all within my power to create unity between the scientists and the decision makers. We would all benefit from meaningful dialogue with less politics.

WHAT OR WHOM HAS INSPIRED YOU IN BEING THE WOMAN YOU ARE TODAY AND FOR THE FUTURE AHEAD HEATHER PLEASE SHARE WITH US? – My mother was my greatest inspiration. Along the way I have been inspired by many people. In fact, I see people accomplish great things daily and these accomplishments bring me inspiration. 

IF YOU GET ONE WISH & COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF HEATHER WHAT WILL IT BE AND WHY? – If I had one wish, I would wish for good health. Good health is not always a given. 

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE FOR THE DAY SHARE WITH US YOUR’S? – My inspirational quote is simple;  

“Look for inner peace by self-acceptance of who you are, and, acceptance of who others is. All of us together make up the colors of the rainbow. Who doesn’t like a rainbow?”