It’s a true Summer Season Gift of SWIMWEAR BEAUTY SENSATION this December month as we bring you another newcomer to our MOLLBABE model family with the beautiful Hannah Bondy and international Photographer Arjun Ramesh


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Bringing that BEACH TIME, SWIMWEAR BEAUTY FLAIR today all the way from California USA, as we welcome newcomer and newest model edition to our MOLLBABE family aka the beautiful Hannah Bondy alongside international photographer Arjun Ramesh.

Today’s feature is all about that SWIMWEAR BEAUTY FLAIR combining with the ultimate beach destination and scenery and beautiful backdrop of Santa Monica, California, USA!

Model sensation Hannah Bondy is all the way from Idaho, USA… she loves modeling as it is her true passion, and when its time for “Camera, Lights and Action…” Hannah is ready to strut her beauty on the beach!! as she says and we quote her:

“For me life is better in a bikini, as I LOVE doing photoshoots on the beach.”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder interview’s model Hannah and Photographer Arjun Ramesh in today’s DECEMBER 2021 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION feature – “SUMMER’S GIFT SWIMWEAR EDITORIAL” for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA

Welcome, Hannah & Arjun Ramesh, how do you feel right now knowing your part of our DECEMBER 2021 Swimwear Special Edition for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA?

MODEL HANNAH BONDY – Very surprised and totally blown away thank you so much everyone I feel so blessed!!

PHOTOGRAPHER ARJUN RAMESH – Thank you so much Arne for yet another amazing opportunity and feature LOVE SEEING my work being featured with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA!

Arjun tell us more about where this photoshoot took place #PhotoshootLocation?

We did this shoot on an overcast day in Santa Monica, California.

“The skies were gloomy and created some dramatic backgrounds. I hope you love them as they were worth the wait for sure.”

Arjun what is it about Hannah Bondy that makes her look and image as a model stand out from the crowd, from a photographer’s view?

“Hannah is a true talent and inspiring to work with she works hard on shoots to give you that perfect photo all day, every day LOVE WORKING WITH HER!!!”

AND THE FACT that she’s so comfortable modeling with her bikini and swimwear, you can totally see the confidence in her eyes and face!!

Hannah what type of modeling shoots and genres you love to do?

Well there’s a bunch of theme but my ultimate favorite modeling genres are the following:

  • Swimwear Bikini 
  • Themed fashion like the HIP 70’S
  • Then also fashion editorials & portraits

Hannah what is it about SWIMWEAR BIKINI photo shoots you love the most?

“For me life is better in a bikini, as I LOVE doing photoshoots on the beach.”

What physicals attributes is your favorite to showcase in front of the Camera Lens Hannah?

I would say the following:

  • My lips
  • My eyes as they always tell that mystic beauty story when I connect with the camera on set or location
  • And my smile… very unique!!

Arjun back to you what is it about photography that intrigues you the most please share with us?

I love telling my story and journey through every picture, as every story and picture is different and unique in its own I’m also proud in my work that I do…

and being the inspiration for models I work with on a daily basis, its just a true passion of mine photography, AND I LOVE EACH AND EVERY MOMENT OF IT!!

Hannah share with us your QOUTE OF THE DAY to share with young up and coming models in the industry, what would your message be to them today?

“She’s got her head in the clouds and the stars in her eyes.” Be Proud Be Fearless Be YOU, there is nothing more beautiful than confidence in what you want to do and want to achieve in life!!