The MONTH OF VALENTINE’S has arrived and this month its that 4 letter word that gets the most attention of all aka L.O.V.E and what it truly means and what power it holds as we introduce to you all our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE FEBRUARY 2022 covermodel international modeling beauty CHRISTINE MENDOZA alongside PHOTOGRAPHER WARREN M. ECKSTEIN.


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Bringing that VALENTINE’S factor and also the TRUE MEANING OF FALLING IN LOVE & BEING IN LOVE with your SOULMATE / LIFE PARTNER OR LOVED ONE in life as we know it today. As we introduce to you all our…

MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FEBRUARY 2022 covermodel MOLLBABE Christine Mendoza alongside Photographer Warren M Eckstein all the way from the USA, as we focus this month on the THEME aka VALENTINE’S and what it truly means to us all celebrating it!!

We recently asked PHOTOGRAPHER Warren, what makes CHRISTINE MENDOZA such an amazing lady and woman to work with when it comes to modeling and photo shoots from a photographer’s eye!! And he says as we quote:

“In my mind CHRISTINE is very… PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATED, STRONG WILLED, TALENTED . Then the obvious one, BEAUTIFUL, both inside and out, truly the most special quality!” 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with Photographer Warren M Eckstein & Christine Mendoza in this month’s cover feature VALENTINES EDITION FEB 2022 – “TIME TO BE YOU’RE VALENTINE EDITORIAL.

Welcome back Warren… congrats on the cover feature for our FEBRUARY 2022 VALENTINES edition alongside the beautiful Christine Mendoza… what’s the feelings you going through right at this very moment share with us? 

As always ARNE, I am super proud and pleased to have a new cover/feature with MOLLMAGSA.  My life has changed over the past few months, with the December 2021 loss of my beloved Mother and it’s been some trying times for sure,  

But to see this new publication, especially with a great model and close friend, as Christine Mendoza is to me, has brought smiles to my face, thank you so much everyone!!

Warren as this is a VALENTIENES THEME this month what is it is the 3 BIG FACTORS that made model CHRISTINE MENDOZA that perfect choice for the cover this month in your opinion? 

Christine is amazing in so many ways As far as her qualities for Valentine’s Day, 3 things stand out.:   

  • Obviously and first, her stunning beauty and sensuality.  She brings elegance and class to every image, while delivering energy to every photo. 
  • Secondly, her work ethic, she is a complete professional in every way, and when you’re trying to create outstanding work, this is a must.   
  • Third, may seem strange, but it’s a value, and that is WHO she is, as a person. Because it is in her drive to work hard, it is also fun, and a joy.  No Primadonna here, so just a hardworking, dedicated, and lovely individual.

As family is the corner stone of most us upbringing and inspiration in life to where we are today, WARREN tell us how big of an impact your MOM had in your life what are those all-important life lessons you’ve learned as a person from HER as YOU DEDICATE this cover feature for HER this month with us at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA? 

You are right, Mom was a cornerstone for me.  I was blessed to have her for 91 years. The majority of those years, very healthy and happy, thankfully.  She instilled in me the need and want to succeed, and always do my best no matter what job I was involved in.   

Never take 2nd best, always go for first. It is that ensuing drive that I have built into me that makes me continue to want to move forward and do more successful things in the future years.   

She also enjoyed my photoshoot work / projects I did, and felt very proud that I achieved these successes. It’s a shame she missed seeing CHRISTINE, because she would have loved this cover.  But she did view some of the work prior, so I’m sure she’s smiling down now from heaven seeing this cover feature today….


Warren how would you describe model Christine Mendoza in 5 striking words share with us? 

OK, here is what I see as what makes her so special: 

PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATED, STRONG WILLED, TALENTED, Then the obvious one, BEAUTIFUL, both inside and out, the most special quality!

Warren your photography has taken you through many adventures through your long and fruitful career as a professional photographer, please share with us your TOP 5 MOMENTS in your career thus far? 

Top 5 moments of my career, so far.  (Well, tough, but here’s what I feel, as I think back.!).  

  • My covers/features with MOLLMAG USA and MOLLMAG SA, amazing, and so proud.  
  • Working with some of the best models, many showcased here.  
  • My opportunity to shoot with a Playboy Playmate in the past and through associations with that, visit the Mansion. 
  • Ability to travel to numerous amazing locations for shoots. 
  • Meeting and working with some amazing fellow professionals who have been a source of inspiration to me.

Give us a short intro to how you discovered model CHRISTINE MENDOZA for the very first time to take on a photography journey together, to this very day WARREN? 

I had been admiring Christine’s work for years via the web, her own website and numerous other venues where she had appeared.  I contacted her, and we started planning, but our schedules never meshed.  Finally, after about 2 years of trying to make it work, we found our calendars opened at the same time, and we booked our shoot in Las Vegas, for 2 consecutive days.

Christine arrived, fully prepared with a ton of lovely wardrobe and we went from there.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as we were new to each other.  But she was so professional.  Her wardrobe was glorious. She modelled perfectly.  It was a true joy, more than I ever expected.  I was my happiest time.

The 2 days flew by so quickly and I remember saying afterward, she had enough wardrobe for a full week of shooting.  I remember smiling and thinking, I wished I had booked her for longer.  

“The photos were stunning, Christine amazing.  A pure success in every way.”

From this whole set WARREN in today’s feature what would be your favorite photograph of CHRISTINE MENDOZA and also give the reason why you say so? 

My favorite photo of Christine, WOW, that is tough, we had so many.  I almost hate to make a choice, but I will say the photo that was selected for our February cover.   

I say this, because it shows the true beauty of Christine. The true softness and beauty of her face, her smile, her long brunette hair, and all her amazing features are all showcased here.  

She also resonates with her beautiful soul in this image.  Some people can exude who they are when you see photos of them, Christine personifies this. It’s one reason why I have said, “She is one of my most favorite models”.  And still is today!!

Warren share with us your thoughts on how a model should present herself for that perfect COVER SHOOT photo for a project or MAGAZINE publication what are the 5 big factors you look at as a photographer? 

I have a guideline I like to follow when I am scheduling or discussing scheduling with any model.  Because publication is the MAIN goal.   

  • I think we need to start with the look, obviously, there must be something that catches the eye.  Whether it be the eyes, the hair, the figure, whatever, there must be something that makes them stand out.   
  • Drive and desire are so important, they need to want to succeed. If you’re shooting only for $$$, that may be fine, but without those other 2 things, you won’t get the best images.  
  • Passion for the work is yet another.  You have to really WANT it to make it happen.  
  • Professionalism, arrive on time, be prepared, be ready to go, have ideas of your own, work hard.   
  • And finally, communication and teamwork. Photography is not just a model standing there, or a photographer with a camera.  It is the mindset and drive of 2 people, hopefully combining their talents and ideas to create the best work.

The only way I can say this, in my experience, is when I look back at my career, and especially the publications with MOLLMAG USA & MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA is, those amazing ladies who I have been blessed to work with, and who have made their appearances here, represent the best of the best.   

They have ALL those qualities I mentioned.  And I feel the proudest because all of them have helped me to be better, not only a better photographer, but a better person.  I feel blessed.  Thank you!! 


HERITAGE – Filipino Pacific Islander

HOMETOWN – Born in Oxnard, CA (California USA, but then moved to Waipahu, Hawaii. After high-school, THEN moved back to California and currently live in Burbank / Los Angeles.


EYE COLOR – Hazel Green

HAIR COLOR – Light Brown

WORDS DESCRIBING YOU THE BEST WOULD BE – Professional, Strong willed in everything I do, Go Getter in Life, True Beauty and a very energetic feel to life, also love the outdoors with friends and family!!

HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING – Well I gym and do Boxing to keep me active, also love to travel as I’ve been all over, otherwise I keep myself busy at home with my lovable dogs and my family at home!

LIFE MOTTO QOUTE OF THE DAY – “Make life on earth an experience and moment to treasure forever!!”