Our JANUARY 2022 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION Covermodel interview, introducing MOLLMAGSA covermodel Tessa Zimmerman alongside international and talented Photographer aka Mark Wong.


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Photography By Mark Wong on instagram at @yaamon

Swimwear Bodysuit attire by AUMINE CANADA


Bringing that SUMMER SIZZLE BEAUTY & FLARE as we all introduce to you our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2022 (Swimwear Special Edition) covergirl / covermodel the decadent and sizzling beauty aka TESSA ZIMMERMAN alongside Photographer Mark Wong!!

Yes ladies and Gents you heard right the very talented PHOTOGRAPHER MARK WONG is back and once again he is bringing that summer season true beauty from the lens to our vision for delightful photography, beauty, class and sensation!

Let’s all sit back and enjoy as our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA CEO sat down in interview with Photographer MARK WONG today – SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION JANUARY 2022 ( That Summer Sizzle Editorial)

Congrats on your cover feature for this SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION Photographer MARK WONG alongside the sizzling & beautiful TESSA ZIMMERMAN… please tell us how do you feel and what’s the emotions right now? 

MODEL TESSA ZIMMERMAN – Very excited and truly blessed beyond imagination and words for this everyone

PHOTOGRAPHER MARK WONG – Glad to be back and again I must say I am truly thankful for this cover feature… The MOLLMAG family does a phenomenal job and I am thankful to be part of the family, thank you so much ARNE, and everyone!

MARK this one’s for you, tell us how did you and MODEL TESSA connect / meet up and got this inspiration for this sublime SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION cover shoot for our JANUARY 2022 MOLLMAGSA edition? 

Tessa, and I we both had planned to shoot a few years ago but with both our busy schedules we never got the chance to get connected. After seeing Tessa posts on social media, I knew I had to make time in 2021 to shoot with her.

“With Tessa’s physique and look I knew we had to shoot swimwear.”


As a Photographer MARK, what would you say are the most IMPORTANT POINTERS for you to get the right model for the right photoshoot and the right location, vibe, feel and setting for that all important PERFECT PHOTO SHOOT on the specific day, List 6 factors please, from a photographer’s view point? 

  • First, the model has to have a good mindset, taking her modelling seriously. 
  • Second, looking on her past photoshoot what were the results. 
  • Third, is the level of experience she has in modelling. A photographer is not a magician well I’m not. You can have a good location that adds a story to the photos. If the model is not experienced the photos will never be outstanding. 
  • Fourth, the time of the day that we shoot and of course sunny with clouds and blue-sky & a story to the photos. 
  • Fifth, her personality and attitude, how quick we can sync as a photographer-model. It usually takes me 10 mins to see a model strength and weakness in my shoot and build from there. 
  • Lastly Sixth, clothing that fit’s and flatters the model physique!

From a PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW through the lens, what makes TESSA such a unique model to work with MARK, please describe in 5 striking words? 

Without any doubt Tessa is a model who knows her angles and has that perfect look. During our shoot I selected the different locations for each clothing look, and then from there I’m on auto pilot I just click that shutter button.

Being an international & professional PHOTOGRAPHER for a very long time now MARK tell us, what has changed over the years in this cutthroat industry of professional modeling & professional photography for you the most, please share with us 4 advantages & 4 disadvantages? 

Mmmm tricky this one but I will try my best with the following answers: 


  • Travelling and meeting new friends. 
  • Experiencing the new countries you visit their culture, food, and people. 
  • Learning from other photographers and models. 
  • Always some exotic and eye-opening locations to shoot from! 


  • I have seen in this industry where models feel entitled and photographers who have a bad ego. KEY FACTOR “Just be humble.” 
  • Photographers, who have no respect for the model and the industry they shoot with. They shoot with models and they do not provide any proofs or edits to the models after their photoshoot. It’s even more disrespectful at an event when you have a makeup artist and clothing sponsor which supplies outfits and a photographer shoots the models and does not supply any photos in the end. 
  • When a photographer think’s it’s their right to change the model’s facial structure and send them that as edits. Photographer’s need to learn to leave the model facial structure alone. 
  • I have seen the constant lies and deceit where the host of events claims they will receive this at their events, mention certain models and photographers are showing up and they don’t. They will just say that to get you to attend.

Wishlist time… It’s a new year new outlook 2022, what would you say is your DREAM PHOTOSHOOT as a PHOTOGRAPHER for this year, what is on the TO DO LIST for MARK WONG the Photographer in 2022? 

My dream photoshoot is that I would like to travel with a small group of photographers, models, makeup artist, and a stylist to a few exotic and more secluded locations.

“The result is to be able to create beautiful content.”



FAVORITE PHOTO SHOOT THEME & GENRE TESSA? – Well I love to get my thinking cap on and be creative as there is not a specific genre I feel that stands out “I JUST WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL EVERY TIME!!”

YOUR’E QOUTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY? – Enjoy every moment each day gives you, and always remember to create “SOMETHING NEW SOMEWHERE NEW”

YOU’RE FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX? – Just being me, having fun in the sun, being outdoors, traveling the world and also making sure to stay and keep healthy with my gym sessions as well as eating diets… “LIFE IS A BLESSING LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST THAT YOU CAN!”

WHAT MAKES MODELING SO REWARDING AND PASSIONATE FOR YOU TESSA? – Always exciting to travel the world to every corner of the globe for photoshoot and experiencing the BEAUTY & CULTURE every country has to offer,

“Plus seeing your face and photo on a international MAGAZINE COVER always a true adrenaline rush of PURE JOY & EXCITEMENT!”