It’s that SWIMWEAR feelin again as we bring THE QUEEN OF PARADISE to you all today, introducing newest MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA MOLLBABE model aka Stephanie Dana alongside Alex Sears Photo and  The Paradise Challenge for our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FEBRUARY 2022 Swimwear Special Edition.


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Photography By Alex Sears on instagram @photos__by__alex

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Event done by Paradise Challenge

Taping done for bikini wardrobe by Joel Alvarez THE BLACKTAPE PROJECT

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A True Paradise Beauty as we bring you THE QUEEN OF PARADISE Swimwear Sensation  aka STEPHANIE DANA alongside international Photographer Alex Sears at the Paradise Challenge event held in Jamaica.

STEPHANIE is a lady that makes heads turn truly everywhere she goes with her BUBBLY personality and TRUE BEAUTY CHARM as she’s all the way from Conyers, GA Georgia USA, but also has an Puerto Rican twist and zest in her bloodline.

Furthermore, STEPHANIE is not just a modeling beauty and pretty face, no sir this SMART LADY has all bases covered as she also graduated with 2 bachelors degrees in the following aka Digital and Broadcast Journalism & Communications.

And wait there is more…. STEPHANIE also packs a few punches as well, because SHE is a PRO BOXER as well as she’s training hard in the boxing gym to get herself ready for FIGHT NIGHT this summer! WAIT FOR IT you all thought we are done… NO NO NO, because Stephanie is a lady blessed with so many talent,

She’s also working on getting her pilot’s license as well, plus she’s also a competitive ballroom dancer. And SHE ALSO does skydiving, scuba diving, and surfing.


Welcome ALEX and STEPHANIE congrats on your Swimwear Editorial feature today in our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA FEBRUARY 2022 Swimwear Special Edition, how do you feel right now? 

MODEL STEPHANIE DANA – Thank you so much for this opportunity! 

PHOTOGRAPHER ALEX SEARS – Really an amazing feeling to work with model STEPHANIE on this project and also getting this published with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, and Arne and the team, totally a dream come true thank you so much!! 

STEPHANIE its time, tell us a bit more about yourself where you reside from and what makes YOU BEING YOU in a quick 5 sentence BIO? 

I was born in Conyers, GA; but my family is from Puerto Rico. I graduated from the University of Georgia with 2 bachelor’s degrees in the following:  

  • Digital and Broadcast Journalism  
  • Communications.  


“I try to live my life to the fullest and lead with love and light. I am also a boxer, training for a fight this summer; working on my pilot’s license, model, competitive ballroom dancer. And I also skydive, scuba dive, and surf.”

What is it about modeling that makes it so rewarding for you STEPHANIE please share with us 3 FACTORS? 

  • Modeling has helped me to love my body and myself. Seeing the beautiful art, I can create with my body is always so amazing.  
  • I love meeting other creators, models and photographers, who all just want to create beautiful images and spread body positivity.  
  • Modeling has also allowed me to travel to beautiful places. I love the ocean and a sunset— so shoots at the beach in the evening are my favorite! 

Also, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, as we hear along the grapevine that you were chosen and won the title as “QUEEN OF PARADISE” at THE PARADISE CHALLENGE EVENT recently how did you feel after that fantastic news and what is it about the event that stood out for you the most as a model STEPHANIE? 

“I can NOT talk enough about how amazing The Paradise Challenge is!! Attending in 2021 was one of the best decisions of my life. I met so many amazing people and was able to create beautiful images that I will treasure forever.”

FEBRUARY MONTH 2022 equals VALENTINE’S what does VALENTINES mean to you personally STEPHANIE? 

I think Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind the people in your life how much you love and appreciate them! I give valentine’s day cards to all my friends and family still, like we did in elementary school Haha.  

“I think life is too short not to fully celebrate every holiday!”


WHAT MOTIVATES YOU EVERY DAY AND WHO IN LIFE DO YOU LOOK UP TO FOR INSPIRATION STEPHANIE? – I just want to be better than I was the day before. Like I’ve said I think life is very short and I just want to learn and experience as much as possible. 

 I look to my mom for inspiration- she is the strongest and kindest woman. I hope to be half the mother she is one day. 

NICKNAME WHAT YOUR FRIENDS CALLED YOU BY BACK IN YOUR SCHOOL DAYS, AND GIVE US THE SCOOP STORY BEHIND THE NICKNAME YOU GOT? – Chihuahua haha. They called me that because I was so competitive and I would also stand up to people bullying others— but I was so skinny and small…  

like a chihuahua barking at a massive Great Dane, without any fear. Haha but honestly, it’s those little dogs you really need to look out for. 

OTHER THAN MODELING WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU DO WHEN NOT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA AND BRIGHT LIGHTS? – As I mentioned before I have a lot of hobbies. Training for my boxing match summer 2022. Working on my pilot’s license. Skydiving. Etc. 

FITNESS IS A BIG PART OF OUR GIVEN LIFESTYLES THESE DAYS, SHARE WITH US YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE YOU FOLLOW? – I love so many different kinds of workouts. I think that’s what keeps me consistent is the variety. I love running outside, Barre classes, boxing, HITT, weight training and hot yoga.

FAVORITE ROMANTIC MOVIE TO CUDDLE UP TO WITH YOUR LOVED ONE TO ENJOY AND WATCH FOR VALENTINES’ DAY? – Oh, that’s a hard question. I love most Rom Coms. But right off the top of my head “Pretty Woman” I love Julia Roberts haha. 

FAVORITE VALENTINES GIFT TO RECIEVE OR GIVE TO YOUR LOVED ONE WHAT WILL IT BE FOR YOU? – I love white chocolate to get!! And to give, maybe flowers or also some type of sweet treat! 

STARSIGN BIRTH MONTH? – March Pisces- March 17th is my birthday actually, St. Patrick’s Day. I turn 30 this year… haha excited for this next chapter. 

IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE WORLD TODAY WHAT WOULD THAT CHANGE BE, TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT IN YOUR AND EVERYONE’S DAILY LIFE? – Right now, I would stop the Ukraine Russia War. The images and stories coming out of there are devastating and I pray for Ukraine and everyone affected. 

CELEBRITY CRUSH? – Haha, I don’t think I have one. My husband is kind of a celebrity, a professional baseball player. So, I guess I’d say him!