That SUMMER FEELIN’ poolside with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international swimwear beauty Christine Mendoza alongside Photographer Warren M. Eckstein, part of our FEBRUARY 2022 Swimwear Special Edition.


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Feeling all out SUMMER SEASON, Swimwear poolside, fun in the sun and a MASTERPIECE of TRUE BEAUTY, we give a warm welcome to MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA international SWIMWEAR BEAUTY aka all the way from the USA, Christine Mendoza alongside Photographer Warren M. Eckstein.

As today’s feature and theme is all about that SWIMWEAR TRUE BEAUTY and making it a TRUE MASTERPIECE vision… all thanks to the fabulous CHRISTINE and very talented internationally known photographer WARREN M ECKSTEIN.

Recently asked Warren, what it is that made this photo shoot feature STAND OUT THE MOST and he replied as we quote him by saying:

“I truly feel this shoot with Christine, is the following in my opinion,  Magical model, magical teamwork, gorgeous images to share.” 

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with Photographer Warren M Eckstein & Christine Mendoza VALENTINES EDITION SWIMWEAR SPECIAL FEB 2022 – “POOLSIDE SUMMER MASTERPIECE EDITORIAL.”

Warren… congrats your 2nd  feature for our FEBRUARY 2022 and this time part of our SWIMWEAR SPECIAL edition alongside the beautiful Christine Mendoza… how do you feel right now knowing it’s a DOUBLE feature for you this month? 

I am very pleased and feel greatly supported by MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and the team and certainly thankful to all that we have been able to showcase with the beautiful Christine.  

She is an amazing model and a person and well deserving of this honor…

2 times in 1 month, I NEVER expected, to say I’m excited, would be an understatement.”

Today’s feature and theme is all about SUMMER & SWIMWEAR aka “POOLSIDE SUMMER MASTERPIECE” Warren tell us what is the statement / message you want to give with this swimwear editorial along with CHRISTINE MENDOZA today? 

Summer is an amazing time of the year. It’s a great time for photography, beaches, pools, beautiful sunny days, starlit nights, but combine all those elements with the perfect model, and when you are both determined to achieve great images, magic happens!!   

“That is what I feel about this shoot with Christine.  Magical model, magical teamwork, gorgeous images to share.”

Location wise what made this the perfect venue for the shoot you did together WARREN? 

Our location was a studio on the West Side of  Las Vegas.  We were blessed to have an ideal location that has both interior/exterior locations to use, and was private.  

That was beneficial because it left both Christine and myself the time, we needed to work together on creating our portfolio. A variety of sets, ideal working conditions. 

“A perfect blend if I say so myself, I’m very pleased with the results”.

Getting yourself prepared as a PHOTOGRAPHER in doing a SWIMWEAR / BIKINI PHOTOSHOOT editorial, Warren please share with us your 5 go to guidelines or tips to follow and get that PERFECT SWIMWEAR photo shoot set done with the chosen model on the day? 

My tips for creating an ideal shoot, are less committed to what style of shoot it is, whether bikini or editorial.   

  • A) Always start with a schedule and a plan of action.  Know what you’re looking for. 
  • B) Be prepared, find the right location, whether a studio, or street side. 
  • C) Ideas in your own mind. When hiring a model, check out her portfolio, see if the work she enjoys fits into your parameters.  You never want to have a conflict of ideas.  
  • D). Be excited to do this work.  It can be seen as a job, but if you have the right mindset going in, and keep it throughout the shoot, you’ll see the best results.   
  • E)  This is probably the easiest answer, and it correlates to Answer C. Hire the RIGHT model., Check their port, check references, make sure you are getting the right person for your style of work.  When I booked Christine, I knew, right away, she was the ideal model for me.  

Amazing portfolio, brilliant references, and lastly, one other thing I prefer, and that’s open communication.  I never like to go into an event without speaking to my models.  “I feel that the short intro breaks the ice, and makes the face-to-face introduction smoother, hence a quick rapport, and better work at the end.  It proves positive with Christine.” 

PHOTOGRAPHER’S always try to revamp or update their brand and look of their PHOTOGRAPHY portfolios, Warren from your point of view as a PHOTOGRAPHER how important is it to UPDATE, REVAMP one’s PORTFOLIO as a PHOTOGRAPHER for your business, please share with us? 

As far as expanding portfolios and shifting into different areas, this is an individual decision.  I have done a variety of styles over the years, mainly staying in the glamour areas of photography, although I have also loved scenic photography, and have recently tried to move a bit into editorial shoots.  

Hopefully as things improve during 2022, I can see myself continue to experiment a bit more with different styles, but at the same time remaining loyal to my first love, and this is glamour styles.  But glamour shots extend a long way, so there’s a lot to work with.

“But the horizon might be bright, and I am always interested to test and learn new things, so we shall see.”


HOMETOWN – Born in Oxnard, CA (California USA, but then moved to Waipahu, Hawaii. After high-school, THEN moved back to California and currently live in Burbank / Los Angeles.)

HERITAGE – Filipino Pacific Islander

WHAT IS THE ONE THING A MAN SHOULD DO TO GRAB YOUR ATTENTION CHRISTINE THAT WILL SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET? –“I love a genuinely kind, respectful person. You can tell a lot by someone before they even say a word, just by the energy they bring. I love people who you I can automatically feel that warmth AND connection with”… #BETRUE #BEYOU


OTHER THAN MODELING CHRISTINE WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE DOING AND WHAT ARE YOU MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT? –I’ve been passionate about charity work since I was a little girl. I started my own organization called Project Mendoza in 2005 in the Philippines. We provide a hot meal, school supplies, first aid, toiletries, as well as canned goods and rice to feed their family for 5-7 days.

Our last trip, we were blessed to be able to provide for 500 families. I hope to grow each year and eventually branch out to other countries. That is my dream in life!

I’m also blessed to work with various LA nonprofit groups and Women & Children Centers that help reinstate homeless families back into society. There are so many people suffering from homelessness- who aren’t aware of their rights, where to go for assistance, or what type of help they can receive. I work with a wonderful team in LA that helps assist people to get the help they need.