We go all out Boudoir Photography for the month of January 2022 as we introduce newcomer to the MOLLBABE family for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA aka homegrown beauty Charlene Uys alongside Ray Jeong from PORTRAYPHY.


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Photography by Ray Jeong from PORTRAYPHY on instagram at @portrayphy_sa

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Homegrown Beauty and Boudoir Photography is the theme and look for today as we introduce newcomer and making their debut for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for the month of JANUARY 2022 Model Charlene Uys and Photographer Ray Jeong from Portrayphy.

All the way from Johannesburg, GAUTENG SOUTH AFRICA, Charlene aspires to, someday, become a model or even a beautician. She likes tattoos and making her boyfriend decide what they are having for dinner on any given occasion.

Furthermore, when asked what TRUE BEAUTY means to her Charlene said the following:

“The important thing we forget though, is that we aren’t spending the time to truly appreciate ourselves, to recognize our strengths and victories, as it is with that process do we find the true beauty within ourselves.” 

Let’s join our CEO Arne Schreuder as he interview’s Charlene & Photographer Ray Jeong today. –“Homegrown Seduction of Beauty EDITORIAL JANUARY 2022 MOLLMAGSA”

Welcome MODEL CHARLENE and congrats on your feature for MOLLMAGSA JANUARY 2022, how do you feel knowing your part of our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA JANUARY 2022 EDITION? 

MODEL CHARLENE UYS – I am very excited and thankful 

PHOTOGRAPHER RAY JEONG – I’m very happy and honored that our work with Charlene will be featured with MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, thank you!


Give us a small glimpse 5 sentence bio in who you are where you reside from and what makes you being you CHARLENE, as its time to introduce yourself to our / and your fans, and our followers and readers? 

I’m Charlene Uys 22-year-old from Johannesburg GAUTENG SOUTH AFRICA, who aspires to, someday, become a model or even a beautician. I like tattoos and making my boyfriend decide what we were having for dinner on any given occasion. “But if he gets it wrong …oh boy …is he in trouble.” 

Someday, I’d like to see myself driving my dream car (A Jeep), sipping on some iced coffee on my way to social media events or photoshoots.

“Hopefully with enough downtime left in the day to get back to my favorite past -time ..eating snacks and sleeping the day away. for now it’s baby steps.”

RAY to you what made you become a PHOTOGRAPHER and please share with us where and how did your passion and love for photography all start, stage is yours please introduce yourself? 

I had a friend who was very close to me years ago. One day, he brought a very old vintage 35mm film camera which he bought as a second hand from a shop and he showed me how happy he was with the vintage camera and how the images he made are so beautiful. I felt like I wanted to make those images too but I couldn’t afford to pay the films and scan it on a disc.  

Long story short, after years, when I worked at a company in SA, I felt like I don’t have a life because I was working like 16 hours a day and no weekend at all. I didn’t know what to do with my life but started thinking how I will be able to make myself and my life better then, I was thinking about becoming a photographer.  

After loads of photo shoots edits and practice for a long while I’ve made it because look at me now here I am. I survived and now being featured on the best online magazine in SA, aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA.


Working together on this feature and photoshoot CHARLENE & RAY, what is the one thing that stood out with this “BOUDIOR THEME” photoshoot you did for us personally? 

CHARLENE FROM A MODEL’S VIEW POINT – This PHOTOSHOOT was probably my favorite shoot. Ray and I are also a good team and we work well together… “Was our first photoshoot but it felt like we’ve been friends forever!!”

RAY FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW POINT – As Charlene says, yeah, it seems like we’ve known each other for years and I wasn’t worried anything about her and her poses. “She was prepared, very much professional and I absolutely love it!”

How would you express a woman’s TRUE BEAUTY WITHIN please explain in your own words? 

CHARLENE AS A MODEL – I believe that there is always beauty to appreciate in every one of us, the important thing we forget though, is that we aren’t spending the time to truly appreciate ourselves, to recognize our strengths and victories, as it is with that process do we find the true beauty within ourselves. 

RAY AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – True beauty within is about an attitude. It’s not only about an actual look, body shape or how pretty you are. It’s about the attitude towards to your life, your work or your passion. When people fall for something, that’s the time that they seem confident, beautiful and most importantly attractive 


Please share with us your views on the following how do you handle the pressure of criticism may it be bad or good on social media these days in the modeling industry as we know it as a MODEL & AS A PHOTOGRAPHER? 

CHARLENE AS A MODEL – I doubt anyone could be as critical of me, as much as I am towards myself,  … so criticism from anyone else doesn’t really get to me much to be honest,

“My opinion of myself is something I keep sacred and respect, no one’s stepping in on that.”

RAY AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – I always remember that I can’t make everybody happy with my work. Maybe some of them love it but some of them don’t love it.

“I take the things that I completely agree with and learn from it.”

Share with us 5 things you LOVE about modeling Charlene? 

Modeling is something that, at first, feels like a pipe dream … but with every step in my career I DO feel more confident in myself. It gives me the opportunity to put myself out there, going against the anxieties I may have felt in the past. 

I enjoy the body positive attitude that the modern modeling community strives for, and the opportunity it gives to create strong influential figures on social media. 

“I hope that one day I can make a positive change with that influence… Maybe not the most typical looking “Top 5″ but that’s it from me.”

Ray as a Photographer and in PHOTOGRAPHY as a profession every PHOTOGRAPHER tells a story through their pictures they take and work through the lens, we would like to know so far in your PHOTOGRAPHY CAREER which image do you think has grabbed the most attention from your WORK thus far and why? 

I think it’s when I was in Cape Town. I had a shoot with someone to test the new Tamron lens (17-28 F2.8) at a beach and it got a big attention from audiences and photography industry.  

Even recently, Sony SA requested me to give them a permission to feature the image on their social media as well which I’m very much honored about.


WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FOR 2022? – Every year that comes is a new year of obstacles to face … I like to keep my resolution simple … I remind myself that this year I will remain as strong as ever and hopefully gain more confidence and insights as new challenges are brought with the new year.  

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS THE TRUE MEANING OF A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL LIFESTYLE / AND LIFE THAT WE LIVE? – A tough one to define … I’d say there’s no particular meaning … you make your own story, create your own passions and love the people who make your life better… that’s about it I’d say… 

FASHION STATEMENT TIME WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL CONFIDENT, SEXY AND POWERFUL AS A WOMAN? – I feel most confident and proud when I am surrounded by good people. A healthy outlook, a healthy life, is about a positive and tenacious attitude, and sharing that energy with others … that’s how I find my inner strength.

FAVORITE THING TO DO TO RELAX AND UNWIND? – I love spending time with my family … Everything is better with my loved ones around…  the odd movie binge surrounded by junk food aren’t that bad either.  

FAVORITE FOOD DISH TO MAKE OR ENJOY #THEFOODYINME? – Anything my partner cooks for me, could swear that man was a chef in his past life! 

STARSIGN / BIRTH MONTH? – Scorpio / November. 

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE YOU LIVE LIFE BY EACH DAY? – The way I see it, “If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.”