This APRIL MONTH 2022 we bring that Class Beauty and inspiring storylines of MODELS & PHOTOGRAPHERS whom want to make a positive inspiring difference in the modeling industry of today and the future, as we introduce newest MOLLBABE model for MOLLMAGSA aka Model Khris alongside Photographers Todd & Elena from the USA.


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A story of inspiration and the WANT & NEED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN TODAY as MODELING is this lady’s platform to bring and make CHANGE HAPPEN. Give a warm welcome as we introduce our newest model making her debut feature for us for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA this APRIL MONTH 2022,

aka Model Khris & Photographers Todd and Elena combine to bring us the this INSPIRING feature through Modeling & Fashion.

Recently asked Model Khris what it is that she felt when she got the news of being one of our FEATURED MODELS for the MONTH OF APRIL 2022 for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA and also the fact that she is a model LIVING WITH A DISABILITY, as she says the following and we quote her:

“I am honored! It feels exciting and refreshing to find a magazine that is inclusive of models with a disability. I applaud MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for being a leader in the forefront and featuring disabled models!”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder sat down in interview with model KHRIS and Photographers Todd & Elena in today’s editorial feature for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA APRIL 2022 – “INSPIRING THROUGH MODELING FASHION EDITORIAL”

Warm welcome to you Khris and congrats with your feature with us today at MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA, how does it feel knowing you are part of our APRIL 2022 MONTH EDITION and what’s the feeling and emotions right know when you got the news from our CEO Arne Schreuder? 

Thank you so much! I am honored! It feels exciting and refreshing to find a magazine that is inclusive of models with a disability.  Most magazines are still not including us despite the fact there are a lot of us. 

Disability effects a large part of the population yet it is not normalized in the eyes of the majority. If more magazines and other forms of entertainment we commonly see are more inclusive, this would be a big step forward in normalizing disability. 

“I applaud MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA for being a leader in the forefront and featuring disabled models!” 

Khris, tell us a bit more about yourself in a small detailed 4 sentence bio, where do you reside from and where did the passion for modelling all start? 

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and was raised by a single disabled mother (Spinocerebellar Ataxia is rare and genetic).   

We lived with my grandparents who were into acting, as were their parents were as well back in the time of black and white film and old Hollywood glamour, so the idea of being in front of a camera and creating art on film was a normal thing around our house. 

I gravitated more towards modelling than acting and in the 1990’s, when I was a teen, I bought as many issues of Vogue as I could, tore out the pictures of models and taped them to my bedroom walls. 

“I wanted to be the models in those pictures so badly but was told by the modelling agencies that even though I photographed well, I was not tall enough.”

Modelling is a very demanding profession or hobby these days. Tell us Khris, as a model living with a disability, firstly what are the challenges you face every day, and secondly how do you cope with and overcome these challenges on a daily basis please share? 

Challenges that I and those of us with disabilities face every day would take a long time to go over, but I will mention the main ones I encounter here. 

(FIRSTLY) The biggest challenge with ataxia is walking and not falling. People with Ataxia (and many other similar conditions) battle with deteriorating motor skills that affect our entire bodies, mainly walking. Ataxia also affects our speech and upper body coordination as well. 

(SECONDLY) The other biggest challenge is fatigue. Ataxian’s (as well as many other rare disease warriors) battle with fatigue daily.

Overcoming the challenges requires a hand full of things: 

  • Proper Brain Food: By this I mean feed your head and surround yourself with positivity, motivation, things that inspire you and increase your knowledge by reading or watching videos of motivational content that will help you develop discipline and a positive outlook. Be sure if you are on social media, you are only in groups and have friends that inspire you and do not drag you down. Remove anything negative and block anyone who is negative. Only communicate with positive people. (If there is someone you must be near who is negative, reduce the time you must be near them to the absolute minimum possible and increase your time with positive friends and influences as much as you can.) 
  • Focus: Do not focus on what you can no longer do. Focus on what you CAN do and do those as often as possible. 
  • Prioritizing: Only do the most important things. You have way less energy than you used to so utilize your energy on what matters most. 
  • Timing/Scheduling: Do the things you need to do at the time of day when you have the most amount of energy because after it’s gone, you need to relax and sit down or risk falling and hurting yourself. 
  • Do things adaptively. For example, I can no longer walk in high heel shoes anymore, however, I can still sit or lie down and wear them in a photo shoot. Another example, standing up is a challenge for me and I can only do so for a very limited time, so I sit down to chop vegetables while preparing to cook to save energy. I also bring a tall chair over to the stove to sit and still be able to cook when it becomes too painful to stand while at the stove.Another couple of huge challenges we in the disability community face are: 
  • Accessibility: Being able to use our mobility devices and get around to every place that an abled body person can get to and  
  • Acceptance, inclusion, and proper representation in society, magazines, and entertainment. It is estimated that 15% of the world’s population have a disability yet how often do we see a disabled actor on TV or a model in a magazine with a disability… 

Over the years we are seeing more disabled talent in various forms of entertainment, however, it is far, far less than the 15%, so we still have a lot of work to do to get equal representation.”

In today’s feature, give us a glimpse of how this photo shoot all got planned and what was that SPECIAL MOMENT that stood out for you from this photoshoot together? 

KHRIS FROM A MODEL’S VIEW – We decided that our theme would be both women empowerment and disability empowerment as well. We decided on three different looks for the shoot. We originally wanted it to be all outdoors in Las Vegas Nevada, however, it was an extremely windy day, so we had to do the rest of the shoot indoors. 

The wind made for some fun pictures though! I think that made for the most special moment. Todd and Elaina captured some beautiful shots using some creative angles! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with them! 

TODD & ELENA FROM A PHOTOGRAPHER’S VIEW – Khris has amazing tenacity and professionalism and we wanted to feature those traits as well as her strengths of overcoming her condition and staying true to herself by staying in her chosen career.  

We met due to common interest, which is of course photography, and planned an environmental empowerment portrait using her personality and resources she already had.

KHRIS as a model what is your MESSAGE of INSPIRATION to others / women out there that look up to you in today’s day and age, please share? 

My message to women and to everyone is that, no matter what card life dealt you,

“With a positive mind set and consistent hard work, you can rise above your situation and achieve great things. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

Todd & Elena this one is for you, how would you describe MODEL KHRIS in 4 grasping and powerful words, from a PHOTOGRAPHER’S eye and view point, please share? 

Determined, Fortitude, Authentic, Giving!

LIVING IN A WORLD THAT IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING we would like to know aka Fighting and Standing up for FREEDOM, PEACE, DEMOCRACY and one’s HUMAN RIGHTS what does that mean to you personally? 

MODEL KHRIS – Growing up in Los Angeles, I was lucky to live in a diverse city and have friends of all races and from different cultures.  I am from a multi race family with both abled and disabled members. 

In my view, diversity makes the world much more interesting. Diversity is also an opportunity to learn about things we would otherwise not know about. 

“We absolutely must stand up for our rights and fight ableism, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, misogyny, and bigotry in all the forms it may come in order to maintain a civilized world.” 

  PHOTOGRAPHER TODD & ELENA – We live in a world of the unoriginal, and we admire people like Khris who keep it real and unique and stay true to themselves. To stand up for oneself is to stay positive, look to the future and accept ourselves for who we are and strive to be our better selves every day.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON OF THE YEAR? – Fall, when we finally get a break from the summer heat and the end of year holidays begin!  

YOU’RE HOBBIES OTHER THAN MODELING WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE DOING? – I am a (vegan) foodie and absolutely LOVE exploring all the new restaurants, recipes and all new plant-based food products coming out!   

Vegan food options have vastly increased over recent years! I love discovering new foods as well as promoting and sharing them with others. I even have a separate Instagram page just for food! It is @vegkhris 

HOW DO YOU RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK / OR A MODELING PHOTOSHOOT? – Hot bath, good food, then I will hang out with my husband and our animals and watch movies or comedy.  

YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT MODELING IS? – The collaboration on the artistic process and making an idea come to life. 

IF YOUR CHOSEN AS THE LEADER OR PRESIDENT OF YOUR COUNTRY, WHAT CHANGES WILL YOU INFORCE TO MAKE IT BETTER FOR YOUR PEOPLE / CITIZENS? –  I would do everything I possibly could to increase renewable energy production as soon as possible so we could be more self-reliant for our energy needs and conserve the planet we need to survive. 

Next, I would increase protections for the most vulnerable in our society such as children, those with disabilities, women, the elderly and for animals as well. Those who harm the most vulnerable would face the harshest penalties in my country. I’d work hard on improving our education system as well. 


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHERE WOULD THAT BE? – Cairns, Australia is beautiful and is where the rainforest meets the sea. You get both forest and ocean. I visited a very long time ago and cannot wait to visit again and go visit as many rainforests as possible! 



FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS INTRODUCE US TO YOUR #FURBABIES? – Six rescue animals including three chihuahua mix dogs named Banana, Pickle and ChiChi and three cats named Jose, Sprinkles and Crackers.  

LIFE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE YOU LIVE BY EACH DAY? – “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”