We focus today on the ART OF BODYPAINT this March 2022 edition for MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA as we chat to MOLLBABE model Tiana Newell and Photographer Phil Cheevers from Max Glamour Photography as they bring their artistic visions to life alongside our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder.


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Bringing our ARTISTIC VISIONS to life through the means of EXPRESSION FOR FREEDOM & EXPRESSION through the ART OF BEAUTY, BODYPAINT and the SELF LOVE for one self and the LOVE for THE SHAPE of your OWN UNIQUE BODY.

That’s the vision and goal for today’s newest feature with the talented MOLLMAGSA MOLLBABE model aka Tiana Newell & Photographer Phil Cheevers all the way from the shores of Canada! As they both EXPRESS themselves through the ARTISTIC ART of Bodypaint Art and the shapes of one’s UNIQUE body & beauty for the month of INTERNATIONAL WOMENS MONTH March 2022.

Let’s join our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder as he interview’s MOLLBABE model Tiana Newell & Photographer Phil Cheevers – “Colorful Minds Bodypaint Art Editorial”

Welcome Back Tiana and Phil, congrats on your body painting art feature today for OUR MOLLMAGSA MARCH 2022 EDITION, how does it feel? 

MODEL TIANA NEWELL – It feels amazing to show a more artistic side of my work with Phil! 

PHOTOGRAPHER PHIL CHEEVERS – Feels great. This was a unique chance to have some artistic fun.

Working together on this UNIQUE and FUN photo shoot editorial involving BODYPAINT ART what would you say made this moments and shoot stand out from all the others you did back in previous features together for us for MOLLMAGSA? 

TIANA AS A MODEL – This shoot focused more on body shapes and paint movement rather than fashion. It was super messy but a lot of fun! 

PHIL AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – Tiana and I have pushed creative boundaries before and this was a very fun shoot that allowed Tiana to turn a mess of paint into sensual images. 

What is that one message you want to portray today to the world out there in this beautiful bodypainting editorial, give us your views together TIANA & PHIL? 

TIANA AS A MODEL – I hope others see that there is beauty in imperfection/chaos. 

PHIL AS A PHOTOGRAPHER – A portrait is not always a posed, clean, neat image. Sometimes they are messy and evoke different feelings.

TIANA this one is for you… Complete the following sentence in your own words, The way to express yourself and show people through BEING CREATIVE, FREEDOM / FREE SPIRIT & POWER as A WOMAN is to be and do…? 

The way to express yourself and show people through BEING CREATIVE, FREEDOM / FREE SPIRIT & POWER as A WOMAN is to be…

“Comfortable trying new things and do what makes you happy!”

PHIL back to you, from a photographer’s view point give us 4 advantages and 4 dis-advantages DOING A BODYPAINT photo shoot editorial like this today? 

Body paint shoots like this leave so much of the creativity to be made by the model. After a brief collaboration I don’t know where we are going as artists but it never disappoints… So, for ADVANTAGES I WOULD SAY THE FOLLOWING: 

  • The end result is exciting.  
  • The model is free to move and express themselves.  
  • The colors can be chosen to reflect the model’s mood at the time.  

“As far as disadvantages, they are messy, messy, and messy. But that’s part of the fun too!”


FAVORITE THING ABOUT MODELING IS? – To express myself to the fullest of my ability and being proud of my body and the way I look.

FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION – Anywhere tropical where I can enjoy the BEACH, SUN & SAND!

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY DESCRIBE YOU THE BEST? – That I’m honest and very willing to help others in need.

INSPIRING QOUTE OF THE DAY SHARE WITH US? – Be proud of yourself in anything you do, be confident in your own skin and also how you present yourself to the world out there, be creative, artistic and have the FREEDOM to make the choices you want to make in life!