Next installment in our MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION MARCH 2022, as this time we keep it homegrown and all things swimwear summer fun poolside with mollbabe model Ralie Jordaan and Hush Naidoo Jade Photography


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Photography by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

at @hushed_and_jaded

Makeup done by Monique’s Mirror at @moniquesmirror

Location of photoshoot Radisson Blu Hotel



Fun in the SUN, being POOLSIDE and just enjoying the SUMMER SEASON as the GOLDEN PHRASE for today is all about “RELAXATION POOLSIDE” in our “SWIMWEAR ATTIRE” as we bring you the all so BEAUTIFUL all so INSPIRING BEAUTY aka MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA mollbabe model Ralie Jordaan & the talented Hush Nadioo Jade Photography!

When it comes to being in SUMMER SEASON and doing a SWIMWEAR PHOTOSHOOT the focus turns to all things SUMMER and all things SWIMWEAR and the BEAUTY it brings when combined… As we recently asked model RALIE JORDAAN what it is that made this SWIMWEAR PHOTOSHOOT so special for her POOLSIDE, as she says and we quote her:

“I absolutely love the summer its bikini vibes everywhere, sun kiss glow skin and lovely weather, then also just working with my favorite ICON photographer in like forever… HUSH NAIDOO PHOTOGRAPHY he is just brilliant. We just make an awesome team & I do learn every day from him!”

Let’s find out more as our CEO Arne Schreuder is POOLSIDE in interview with mollbabe model Ralie Jordaan for today’s MARCH 2022 SWIMEAR SPECIAL EDITION feature MOLLMAGSA – “RELAXATION POOLSIDE Swimwear Editorial.”

Welcome back & MOLLBABE MODEL RALIE JORDAAN & feature for our MARCH 2022 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION, tell us how do you feel and what’s the emotions right now for you? 

Well, it all started with a dream and a vision a goal you set yourself… I am extremely honored that I became part of MOLLMAGSA and this industry… to live your dream is absolutely a dream …  

“Just going to keep my options open for now with something exciting on the way you can say adventurous dirt mode!!”

When it comes to being in SUMMER SEASON and doing a SWIMWEAR photo shoot what makes it so special for you RALIE doing a SWIMWEAR PHOTO SHOOT alongside the talented photographer aka HUSH NAIDOO JADE PHOTOGRAPHY? 

I absolutely love the summer its bikini vibes everywhere. sun kiss glow skin and lovely weather. Well shooting with HUSH NAIDOO, as he is my icon photographer since like forever … 

He is a brilliant photographer worked with WILL SMITH and NELSON MANDELA, and many more. We just make an awesome team & I do learn every day from him!

Describe in your own words what the following statement means to you aka “RELAXATION POOLSIDE” how would you be relaxing poolside give us 5 pointers RALIE? 

  • Is too totally relax on a pool lounger next to an exotic destination view poolside. 
  • With GOOD COMPANY and laughter all the way… laughing is good for your brain, it sets the feel-good hormone free. 
  • Obviously with some of your favorite refreshing drink like a Piña colada and ice-cold water. 
  • Sunglasses is a must have 
  • My favorite a good sexy bikini. You feel more comfortable and you are maybe the catch of the day for someone special (wink wink!!) 

Let’s talk HEALTH, WELLNESS and SUCCESS as a WOMAN in this WORLD, Ralie what is your 6 STEP best advice to staying HEALTHY, FIT AND SUCESSFULL in LIFE as we know it today? 

  • Health is the most important of all, drink lots of water and eat small portions healthy food during the day.  
  • Also healthy is a way of living… not over dieting yourself or over train yourself. 
  • Set yourself some goals … to work for that like maybe in a period of time. Or a picture or a goal that you want to fit in that dress. 
  • Never let anyone or anything stand in the way of living your dream…work hard to achieve your goals. 
  • My motto in life. Is … you can do anything or achieve everything… (your body is capable of ANYTHING it’s your mind that you have to convince.)

The word PERFECTION can ultimately be used in many ways, RALIE we want to know for YOU as a WOMAN in today’s world what does it mean “MASTER THE ART OF BEAUTY PERFECTION OF A WOMAN” what does that mean to you? 

Well, I feel that means that it’s just like the lotus flower we too have the ability to rise from MUD and bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world, I also learned that beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears or the size she wears…  

BEAUTY OF A WOMAN is seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to our hearts, when I think of art and beauty …. True beauty comes from the inside, reflects to the outside.   

And success is a result of perfection…. hard work, learning from failure, loyalty (dedication) and persistence.

“Beauty is the illumination of your soul!”

Living life, the new normal way through LOCKDOWN and Covid-19 it has teach / and still teaching us many lifelong lessons along the way, RALIE share with us your LIFELONG LESSONS through these tough times?  

At this point truly I have learned hard lessons and walked hard roads…. I just keep reminding myself what have I overcome so far, where there was a point that i said I won’t make it, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable… 

Another lesson, see the light in others, it’s REALLY HARD SOMETIMES…and treat them as if that’s all you see … remember suffering is a gift in it is hidden mercy and know one day your pain will become your cure,

“Remember you are not just a chapter you are a book.”



#SOCIALMEIDA #BEINGSOCIAL… RALIE HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SOCIAL COMMUNITY AND WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PARTS ABOUT BEING ABLE TO CONNECT WITH YOUR FANS AND FOLLOWERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA THESE DAYS? – I love to post inspirational quotes and meaningful stories there is just maybe that one person that have to read it that day, 

I always respond on my comments and messages on Instagram! I am not a big fan of Facebook but I do post there as well.

YOUR DAILY / WEEKLY FITNESS ROUTINE YOU DO TO KEEP FIT AND HEALTHY INVOLVES THE FOLLOWING PLEASE SHARE? – I live a healthy life style everyday drink lots of water and eat regularly clean food like GREEN VEGTABLES and chicken or fish and then, 

I do my training each day one muscle group per day… and then it depends on how I feel maybe I will do 200 BUTT LIFTS / SQUATS as well when I am in the GYM.


WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING AN IMPRESSION WHAT IS THE ONE THING A MAN SHOULD DO TO GRAB YOUR ATTENTION RALIE, THAT WILL SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET? – I am a tuff girl hehe… because I know exactly what I want in life and I don’t settle for second best!! 

  • His eyes…. because that is the window to your soul! 
  • The way of talking respect and honesty. 
  • I am not one for words but actions speak louder… so what he does to make me happy or go out of his way for
  • And then safe the best for last laughing, I love to laugh so if we can laugh together, it’s so much more fun  
  • If he accepts me for who I am and not trying to change the person I am inside. 
  • And this is very important a guy must be intelligent and smart I love that! 


TO KEEP THAT SUMMER BODY GLOW / HEALTHY SKIN SHINING RALIE WHAT WOULD BE YOUR TOP TIPS, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE DRY COLD WINTER MONTH’S ARE UPON US? – Moisture cream from the BODYSHOP I always feel every woman should take care of her skin and drink lots of water … it helps your body to become clean and stay hydrated.

YOUR FAVORITE PHYSICAL ATRIBUTES IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA LENS RALIE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR BODY? – The photographers say that I have the ability to talk to the camera through my smile. And I am relaxed and have fun on shoots… my PHYSICAL ATRIBUTES I would say is my hips, my legs and my lips!!