Time for that Sassy Swimwear Feelings as we introduce our MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION COVERMODEL for the month of MAY 2022 aka Lavinia Palanite alongside Photographer Robert D. Cobb and our CEO Arne Schreuder.


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Photography by Robert D. Cobb on instagram at @robcobb_insc

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Makeup done by Crystal Nicolle Smith on instagram at @crystal_nicolle_smith

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It’s that SUMMER SASSY SWIMWEAR FEELIN’ this month of MAY for our Swimwear SPECIAL EDITION as we introduce the beautiful SUMMER BEAUTY SENSATION aka international Bikini Swimwear Fitness model Lavinia Palanite.

LAVINIA is back and ready to GLOW again with her BEAUTY as a SWIMWEAR MODEL & FITNESS MODEL!! And this time she struts’ her TRUE BEAUTY in the SWIMWEAR and LINGERIE department as she’s chosen to grace the cover of our MOLLMAGSA MAY 2022 SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION.

A softer elegant and sassy touch to her look this time around and trust us when we say LAVINIA from ROMANIA is a TRUE KNOCKOUT BEAUTY in our opinion and there is a lot of you that will agree with us in that statement for sure.

As many of you that follow her on social media ,know that LAVINIA is familiar with the modeling and fitness stage and have done fitness shows & modelling shows in the past.

And even got placed in 2020 first runner up in the Fit category on Miss Fashion Global held in Destin Florida and in 2021 chosen as the 2nd  runner up in Miss Bikini USA where she was proudly representing her country  aka ROMINIA.

Now she’s back again to showcase more of her TRUE BEAUTY with us in 2022 alongside Photographer Robert D. Cobb and our MOLLMAGSA CEO Arne Schreuder, in today’s newest SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION cover feature, “SASSY SUMMER FEELINGS – EDITORIAL”

Welcome back Lavinia and congrats with your COVERMODEL FEAUTRE for our MOLLMAGSA SWIMWEAR SPECIAL EDITION for MAY 2022 how does it feel?

WOW thank you Arne and everyone… Being published for the second time in MOLLMAG SOUTH AFRICA is such a great surprise for me , thanks to the CEO editor Arne Schreuder , and I hope one day to meet YOU in person when I travel to SOUTH AFRICA!

How did you and Photographer aka Robert D. Cobb meet to connect and work together on this cover feature for us today Lavinia, tell us about it?

At my previous FITNESS & MODELING SHOWS I attended in Destin Florida USA, I got the chance to meet some amazing people during those shows and to create nice connections with them all as ROBERT was one of those Photographer connections at the show,

Then me and Robert got to meet and wanted to work together on some amazing ideas and photoshoot projects, as we sent it in for submission for Arne to REVIEW!

“And that’s why we got the CHANCE to showcase to you all what we can bring together as here we are making it happen COVERGIRL COVER MODEL for MOLLMAGSA, I am so happy and so honored !”

LAVINIA tell us please what makes you being YOU today and what is it that is so special about your personality?

I’m a lady that works hard day and night to follow and concur my dreams and goals I set myself each day of my life!! I’ve got the saying that goes as follows…

“If you can dream it, you can do it! but you need to work hard to get it all”

So yes I believe in dreams becoming true, but you need to work hard as well to make it happen and to make it a reality in the end.

FITNESS & BEAUTY those 2 FACTORS means a lot in your daily lifestyle, tell us how do you prepare yourself and get yourself ready when its competition time on stage LAVINIA?

My workout routine is as follows when I get ready for a show or a runway (when in season) with 6, sometimes 7 days a week of hardcore training which involves: weights around 2 hrs. per day and 3 times a week cardio of 45 min (normally stair master workout) 

“SO yes you can call me a WORKOUT GYM BUNNY… I LOVE GYM & FITNESS!”


WHAT DO YOU DO TO RELAX – I love food and making my own dishes as I’m Romanian at heart and I love to spoil myself with a yummy delicious  Romanian food dish after my GYM sessions!!

HOBBIES WHERE OR WHAT WILL WE FIND YOU BE DOING? – Love the outdoors, gym fitness and also Traveling the world!! “Would love to come meet Arne in SOUTH AFRICA one day, that’s for sure on my bucket list to do list”

HIDDEN TALENTS? – When it comes to food, I am an excellent cook, let’s get in that KITCHEN and make some yummy treats!!

INSPIRATIONAL QOUTE FOR TODAY SHARE WITH US LAVINIA? –“When God gives u a dream The dream will always be tested, Go for your dreams as its your turn to shine and work hard to make those dreams come true”

TRUE BEAUTY WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU AS A WOMAN OF TODAY AND FOR THE FUTURE LAVINIA? – True beauty comes within when you don’t change for anyone be BEAUTIFUL for YOU and only YOU, love yourself and if that confidence shows then that is TRUE BEAUTY!!